Sample Ux Designer Cover Letter

Sample Ux Designer Cover Letter

What Is a UX Designer Cover Letter?

A UX Designer Cover Letter is a document that can be used when individuals would like to apply for a UX designer position. The purpose of the letter is to present a candidate to their prospective employer (or interviewer) and to convince them to schedule an interview with the candidate.

A cover letter for a UX designer is a great and often underestimated tool that can help you get an interview. In this letter, you can show your potential employer that you are a promising and worthy candidate who will fit in perfectly. Generally, these types of letters contain information about the candidate, the position they are applying for, and why they should be chosen for it. A sample UX Designer Cover Letter can be downloaded below.


How to Write a UX Designer Cover Letter?

Before writing your cover letter you should decide what kind of information you will want to include. You can look through your resume and choose the highlights, as well as search for a UX Designer Cover Letter sample online to see what other people include in it. Commonly, your cover letter can consist of several parts:

  1. Introduction. In the first part of your cover letter, you can begin by introducing yourself to your prospective employer or interviewer. Designate your name, qualifications, work experience, and a few more things that will describe you best. You can also mention the position you are applying for and state what you are looking for in your work.
  2. Information About the Candidate. Usually, this part of the document is divided into several sections. It is up to you what kind of information to include here, however, if you want to demonstrate your professionalism you can state the following details:
    • Career Highlights. Here, you can present the interviewer with several details about your previous employments. You can indicate how many years you spent in each place so the interviewer will get the picture of what kind of work experience you obtained;
    • Professional Achievements. This section can be dedicated to your career achievements. It can include information about your successful designs, product prototypes, developments, and other projects you participated in;
    • Acquired Skills. Here, you can describe the set of skills you have that helps you to achieve your goals. It can be the knowledge of programming languages, design software, research skills, etc.
  3. Conclusion. In the last part of the document, you can tell your potential employer or interviewer that you look forward to hearing from them soon. Additionally, you can state your contact information in this part, which can include your telephone number and email.

The content of your letter will also be affected by the fact whether you send it by email or by post. If you send it by post, do not forget to include the address of the receiver and the address of the sender in your document. Also, the paper version of your cover letter shall contain your written signature as the sign that you personally compiled it.

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