Job Rejection Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Job Rejection Letter?

When you have found a candidate for a position at your place of business, it is a good rule of thumb to then send a Job Rejection Letter to each candidate who was interviewed but not chosen. Check out our library below to download Job Rejection Letter templates and samples.

Alternate Names:

  • Job Application Rejection Letter;
  • Job Rejection Email;
  • Candidate Rejection Email.

A Job Application Rejection Letter is used to inform an interested applicant that they have not been chosen for the role, as well as to save the employer time from having to answer questions from applicants when the role has already been filled. Sending out a Job Rejection Letter response will also show you are a company of good character that follows up with interviewers, which in turn can mean more positive reviews of your company for future applicants who may be interested in applying.

Job Rejection Letter Types

  1. Generic Job Rejection Letter. Complete this statement to notify the person they will not be selected for employment. You can fill out all the necessary details to personalize the letter - add the name and contact information of your organization, salute the recipient, and tell them you cannot consider their resume at the moment - if it is possible that this candidate may have an opportunity to work for you later, inform them about it.
  2. Sample Job Rejection Letter. You may use this document for reference - tell the recipient you will not be offering them the position they were applying for, briefly describe the reasons behind this decision, and thank the candidate for the interest they have demonstrated during the job application process.

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Use this sample letter to notify a job candidate their Job Application is rejected.

Use this printable template to inform an interested job applicant that they have not been chosen for the position they applied for.

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