College Rejection Letter Template

College Rejection Letter Template

What Is a College Rejection Letter?

A College Rejection Letter is a letter written on behalf of the university to a prospective applicant that they have not been accepted into the college or university. It is designed to let a student down gently, but make it clear that they were neither accepted nor put on a waitlist for the school.

A printable College Rejection Letter template can be downloaded via the link below. This type of Rejection Letter does not need to go in-depth as to why the student was not accepted, but you will want to include language in the letter about appealing the decision if the student wishes to do so.


How to Write a College Rejection Letter?

  1. When writing a Rejection Letter from College, you will want to start by addressing it with the student's first name.
  2. Begin the letter by thanking them for their time and effort to apply to the college and department. You can include language describing how many students applied for the academic year, making it an especially difficult choice to discern who will be the final candidates.
  3. Then tell the prospective student that they were not chosen. You do not need to go into detail as to why they were not chosen (such as lower grades or test scores, or too many applications for a specific major), you just want to make it clear that they were not selected for that academic year.
  4. At the end of the letter, you will want to include a few sentences that offer the student the chance to appeal the rejection from the college.

How Do I Appeal a College Rejection Letter?

A Rejection Letter from College or University - while highly disappointing - is not always the final word on whether or not a student can ultimately attend the school of their choice. Most colleges allow for the chance for a student to appeal the decision, and this is something that will often be included at the bottom of a College Rejection Letter.

Even if the chance for an appeal is not listed in the College Rejection Letter, you will want to contact the college's admissions office and speak with a representative about what you will need to do to complete the appeals process. Each university is unique in what they will want you to submit and by when, so it is important to have a clear understanding of the expectations and due dates.

Often the first step will require you to review everything you submitted in your application and figuring out what additional information you can present that the college will find as compelling information that you are a more competitive candidate than originally thought.

During this process, it is also crucial to remain tactful and respectful, since you will want to put yourself in the best light possible and show that you are a better appeal candidate than anyone else also going through the appeals process. This might mean showing improved grades, recent academic or extracurricular awards, or additional letters of recommendation.

When you have gathered your new additional information, you will want to write your letter highlighting this new information as the reason why they should reconsider your application and how it shows that you will be an excellent candidate for the college.

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