A College Appeal Letter is a formal statement composed by a candidate for college enrollment or an active student and submitted to a college to dispute a decision they deem unfair. 

Alternate Name: 

  • Appeal Letter for College Admission. 

Whether you believe you were in the right and the college has made an error, you are prepared to admit your wrongdoings and promise to do better in the future, or you have obtained proof of extenuating circumstances that show you were not at fault for any kind of mistake, an appeal letter will be the first step to rectify the situation - later you may be called for an interview with the college administration or a particular committee to tell them your side of the story in person. 

College Appeal Letters Types 

  • Sample Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter. If your grades have not been good enough for the college standards and you have been put on academic probation, consider filling out this template to plead your case and impress the appeals committee of your college;
  • A College Appeal Letter Template is a generic document you can use whenever you disagree with the decision your college notified you about. You can enclose new documentation that proves your point of view and tell the recipient why you deserve another chance to succeed academically;
  • SAP Appeal Letter Template. In case you are found ineligible for student aid due to your poor academic performance, draft this statement to explain the reasons behind it, and the financial aid office of your college may still grant you with help you need for your studies;
  • Academic Appeal Letter Template. You can request the review of any decision made by the college that affects your future there - for instance, if your application to receive financial aid was denied, you still have an opportunity to make the people in charge change their ruling.

How Do I Appeal a College Rejection Letter?

Here is how you should prepare an Appeal Letter for College: 

  1. Learn more about the appeals procedure in this particular college - it is possible you can only contest the decision within a set time or you have to fill out a template provided by the institution. Otherwise, there is no universal College Appeal Letter format - as long as you keep it concise and professional, the chances to appeal the ruling are high.
  2. Indicate your name, telephone number, e-mail address, and refer to the unfavorable admission decision. Note that these details should be easily visible to the reader so put them at the top of the page when writing an Appeal Letter for College. 
  3. Present new information for the appeal. Depending on your original application, you may make adjustments to the documentation you have submitted before, show you have improved your test results or grades, and attach proof of awards and academic accomplishments you have had since the first application was sent.
  4. Stick to facts in your appeal only. Even if you are upset, remember that your goal is to focus on the information that can help your case. Refer to the internal rules of the college that may strengthen your appeal, tell the board of admissions what makes you stand out among other applicants, and explain how you will be a perfect student for college. It is highly recommended to highlight details you have not shared with the educational institution before. 
  5. Make sure you file the appeal on time - there must be enrollment deadlines so try to be swift. Spend a week or two gathering the necessary documentation and asking for advice from current students and professors of this college and then submit the appeal.

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Sample "Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter"

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This is a document that students can use as a reference when they have been dismissed from an educational institution they attend due to their poor grades and would like to appeal that decision.

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