Unemployment Appeal Letter Templates and Samples

Unemployment Appeal Letter

An Unemployment Appeal Letter is a formal statement composed by the former employee to challenge the decision of the local unemployment office to refuse benefits or question the correct amount of benefits.

Alternate Names:

  • Unemployment Appeal
  • Appeal Letter for Unemployment.

Writing an Unemployment Appeal Letter is easier than it seems - address the office or service that informed you of the refusal or miscalculation, certify your intention to challenge the denial or refusal, clarify the facts that may have been misconstrued - often, an employer simply does not want to deal with extra expenses, and enclose the documentation that confirms your claims.

Unemployment Appeal Letter Types

  1. Generic Unemployment Appeal Letter. You can fill out this generic template to claim your application was rejected without a legitimate cause - explain why you consider yourself entitled for unemployment compensation and back up your words with the documentation that supports your position.
  2. Sample Unemployment Appeal Letter. You may use this document for reference when disputing the refusal of the local office of unemployment compensation - for example, it is possible to describe the wrongdoings of your employer and highlight the fact you were fired with a severance package to avoid paying you benefits.
  3. Sample Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter. In case you filed an application for benefits with the employment service and were refused for any reason, you typically have several weeks to contest that decision. Make sure to attach witness statements and correspondence between you and the human resources department to the appeal.
  4. Sample Unemployment Appeal Letter for Misconduct. Fill out this template if the company you worked for has submitted an appeal to the office that awards benefits due to your alleged misconduct in the workplace - if you think no misconduct took place, record your version of events in writing.
  5. Sample Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter. If you were awarded an excessive amount of benefits yet you believe you did nothing wrong and the employment service should be responsible for the miscalculation, you have a chance to keep that money even if your former boss filed an appeal against you.

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A former employee may prepare this letter when they would like to dispute an unemployment agency's decision not to provide them with unemployment benefits.

Use this sample as a reference when drafting your own Unemployment Appeal Letter for Misconduct - a statement sent to the state unemployment office to ask them to reconsider their decision concerning unemployment benefits.

Use this letter to request a review of the decision of the Employment Security Department (ESD) that denied your unemployment benefits.

A former employee who was informed about an excessive amount of unemployment benefits they were granted may use this form to help remedy the situation.

This is a formal letter prepared by individuals whose application for unemployment benefits has been reviewed and denied.

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