Sample Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter

Sample Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter

An Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter is a formal document prepared by the individual whose application for unemployment benefits was reviewed and denied. If you were fired from your last job and submitted an application to receive unemployment assistance so that you are able to look for another employment opportunity, you should get a response from the local employment service that approves your application or denies it. In case you still believe you qualify for unemployment assistance, you can prepare an appeal and get an unemployment payment. A Sample Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter is available for download below.


How to Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment Denial?

Follow these steps to appeal the refusal to provide you with unemployment benefits:

  1. Greet the recipient and introduce yourself.
  2. Refer to the denial of unemployment assistance - enter the number of the document you have received.
  3. Confirm your intention to contest the denial to grant you unemployment compensation.
  4. Explain the reasoning behind your appeal if you believe the employment service made the wrong decision. If the original application was denied because you did not add enough necessary details or did not enclose important documentation, do it now. Also, you should contact your former colleagues to ask them to draft a witness statement on your behalf if they are aware of the issue that led to your dismissal.
  5. Thank the unemployment office for their time and attention and express hope for the swift resolution of the problem. It is recommended to explain that you are unable to look for another job without unemployment assistance - if possible, attach a financial statement to show you do not have enough money to support yourself at the moment.
  6. Sign and date the Unemployment Denial Appeal Letter template. Send it by certified mail - if you received the refusal via e-mail, you may send the appeal the same way. Note that if your letter is ignored the first time, you can file a claim every week to show you are going to persist and not rest until your appeal is reviewed and the benefits are granted.

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