Sample Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter

Sample Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter

An Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter is a formal document drafted by the former employee who was informed about the excessive amount of unemployment benefits they were granted. Often a former employer files the appeal to contest the unemployment compensation the person they fired is entitled to or the department or service in charge of distributing benefits reconsiders their decision or miscalculates the payment. Unless you agree with the statements in the notice of overpayment sent to you by the local department of labor or employment service, you may prepare an appeal to keep the benefits you were provided with.

If you choose to ignore the overpayment issue, your actions may be regarded fraudulent and further unemployment assistance might be denied, so file this document as soon as you can - generally, you have between seven and fourteen days from the day the notice of overpayment was delivered to you. Download an Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter Sample through the link below.


How to Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment Overpayment?

Here is how you need to compose an Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter:

  1. Greet the recipient, identify yourself, and indicate the number and/or the date of the overpayment notice you have received.
  2. Refer to the situation described in the notice. Explain why you believe the decision to request the unemployment compensation back is wrong - for instance, the calculations were off, the documents you have attached to the original application were misread, or your former employer's appeal in order to reduce the amount of benefits contains errors.
  3. Note that the burden of proving you actually owe unemployment benefits to the employment service that sent them to you is on this service so you are not responsible for taking extra steps to defend yourself. If the original notice does not have any proper reasoning that would explain the overpayment, you can ask for an adequate response before defending your interests.
  4. Add your contact information to be able to receive a reply from the employment office. Sign and date the document. Send it the way you received a notice - either by certified mail or e-mail.

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Download Sample Unemployment Overpayment Appeal Letter

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