Appeal Letter Templates and Samples

What Is an Appeal Letter?

An Appeal Letter is a typed or handwritten document prepared by the individual who feels they have been treated unfairly and requests a public entity or educational institution to reconsider their decision that affects their rights. Usually, you have time to appeal the decision you disagree with - several weeks or months. Either you agree with the initial judgment and admit an error or wrongdoing or you contest the decision by presenting new evidence, witness statements, and affidavits - as long as you are prepared to fight for yourself when you feel slighted, you have a chance to get what you want. An appeal or complaint can be the first step - if you still believe that your rights have been violated you can prepare for legal action.

Browse the links below to download printable Appeal Letter templates. Each Appeal Letter template can be customized and modified to suit the needs of your particular situation.

Appeal Letter Types

Below you can find the most commonly used Appeal Letters - with their help, you can challenge decisions that affect your academic and professional life and career.

  1. Unemployment Appeal Letter Template. Prepare this statement if you disagree with the decision of the office or department of employment security to deny you benefits or discontinue them for whatever reason.
  2. Suspension Appeal Letter Template. Whether you have been suspended for alleged misconduct or you have not met the college's grade standards, you can argue the evaluation of the educational institution that led to your suspension.
  3. College Appeal Letter Template. Candidates and students alike can dispute the judgment of the college if they were not admitted to it in the first place or the college rejected their request for financial aid.
  4. SAP Appeal Letter Template. In case you failed to qualify for financial assistance because you did not meet the standards of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), you can ask the evaluation committee to overturn their decision if you can prove mitigating circumstances that hindered your studies.
  5. Academic Appeal Letter Template. If you disagree with any decision reached by the educational institution you attend - for instance, you were expelled or received unsatisfactory grades - you can complete this document to express your point of view and ask the appropriate department to reverse their decision.

How to Write an Appeal Letter?

Here is how you compose a Letter of Appeal:

  1. Find out more about the appeal process. It is possible you will be asked to fill out a specific Appeal Letter template provided by the organization or institution or maybe you only have several weeks to dispute the decision you disagree with.
  2. Since every appeal differs from others, there is no uniform Appeal Letter format. Still, it is recommended to include a short introduction, a large section where you present your opinion and refer to new evidence that proves your point.
  3. Greet the recipient of the letter, state your name and the reason for writing.
  4. Dedicate the main part of your statement to the grounds of the appeal. You can acknowledge your mistakes and ask for another chance or disagree with the initial judgment. If you choose to agree with the decision, apologize and promise to avoid errors in the future. If you want the recipient of the letter to overturn their decision, provide them with documentation that proves your innocence or confirms extenuating circumstances that prevented you from complying with requirements established by the educational institution or government agency.
  5. Describe the desired outcome of the appeal. For instance, you might want to continue your education or obtain financial aid - in this case, emphasize the importance of studies or verify your difficult financial standing.
  6. Thank the letter reader for their time and attention and sign the document. Add your contact information so that you can be reached and informed of the final decision.

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This document is used to officially notify the court of a party's intention to appeal a decision in the state of Montana. It initiates the process of appealing a court's ruling or judgment.

This document is used for requesting an appeal for disability benefits in the state of Ohio. It provides individuals with the opportunity to present their case and provide additional information to support their appeal.

This document is used for filing an appeal in the state of Kansas.

A former employee may prepare this letter when they would like to dispute an unemployment agency's decision not to provide them with unemployment benefits.

Use this sample as a reference when drafting your own Unemployment Appeal Letter for Misconduct - a statement sent to the state unemployment office to ask them to reconsider their decision concerning unemployment benefits.

Use this letter to request a review of the decision of the Employment Security Department (ESD) that denied your unemployment benefits.

This form is used for filing an appeal request in the state of Washington. It allows individuals to request a review of a decision made by a government agency or court.

This Form is used for filing a second level appeal regarding a provider investigation finding in Texas.

A former employee who was informed about an excessive amount of unemployment benefits they were granted may use this form to help remedy the situation.

This is a formal letter prepared by individuals whose application for unemployment benefits has been reviewed and denied.

This letter contains an acknowledgment of your errors and the evidence needed to prove that you were not at fault. If accepted, the letter can grant you the opportunity to come back to your studies.

This is a written statement prepared by an applicant or student who wants to argue the decision made by the college of their choice or the college they currently attend.

This document is prepared by students who could not make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in their studies towards their desired certificate or degree and would like to restore their eligibility to receive financial aid.

An Academic Appeal Letter is a written statement prepared by a student and sent to the educational institution to challenge the fairness of a decision made by the institution.


This document is for providers in Ohio who want to appeal a decision made by Wilmapc. It notifies the organization that the provider is filing an appeal.

This is a written statement sent to an insurance company to contest their refusal to provide a patient with funds to cover healthcare costs.


The purpose of this document is to inform a bank (or another financial institution that has given you a loan) that you would like them to review their decision not to modify your loan conditions.

Individuals may use this type of document as a reference when they would like to request their insurance company to review the denial of their insurance claim.

This is a document that can be used when individuals would like to appeal a decision by their insurance company to deny authorization.

An employee who was denied proper insurance coverage to protect their financial standing during a temporary inability to do their job as a result of injury or illness may use this sample as a reference.

This is a document that you can use if you would like to appeal a decision made by your insurance company to deny your medical claim.

This is a document that students can use as a reference when they have been dismissed from an educational institution they attend due to their poor grades and would like to appeal that decision.

This is a document that individuals can use when they would like to appeal a decision about a medical necessity by their insurance company.

The purpose of this type of letter is to inform Amazon about a disagreement with a decision they have made and that you have requested them to review it.

This form is used for submitting an appeal in the state of Texas.

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