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What Is an Acceptance Letter? 

An Acceptance Letter is a typed or handwritten document sent by the organization or institution to notify the individual their application has been reviewed and approved and they can start attending classes or work for the company that wrote the letter. It is better to prepare a formal statement that verifies your decision to accept the individual's application than call them on the phone - send a letter by traditional mail or email to make sure the applicant receives it and shows up on the first day of school or employment.

Each Acceptance Letter template is different, and you may customize this document to suit your particular needs. However, it is recommended to include at least the following information in any type of Letter of Acceptance:

  1. Name of the letter writer and their contact details.
  2. Salutation and confirmation of the acceptance of the admission request or Job Application.
  3. Description of the skills or qualifications that made you interested in the candidate and eventually encouraged you to make a decision in their favor.
  4. The date when the individual can begin their studies or employment.
  5. Invitation to contact the organization in case of any questions or issues.
  6. Complimentary closing ("Best regards," "Kind regards," or "Sincerely") and your signature

Along with the Letter of Acceptance, you should also send brochures and manuals that tell the person more about the entity or educational institution - perhaps there is a certain dress code to follow or rules and regulations they must comply with to remain a student or employee.

Acceptance Letters Types

The documents below are the most common kinds of Acceptance Letters. Whether you manage a business, represent a human resources department of the company, or handle applications in your college or university, you can benefit from a template you can modify and send to multiple people whose applications you have read and accepted:

  1. College Acceptance Letters. Typically composed by the college management or the admissions board, this document tells the applicant they have successfully enrolled in a college of their choice and provides them with the basic information they need to start their education, for instance, a class schedule and description of available courses.
  2. Job Acceptance Letters. Once you reviewed several job applications and conducted interviews with candidates for a certain position, you can choose an individual most suited to your company's aspirations and notify them about the positive decision to employ them in the upcoming future. 
  3. Volunteer Acceptance Letter. Send this letter to the volunteer candidates you have selected to assist your group, organization, or project.

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"Volunteer Acceptance Letter Template"

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Size: 60 KB
1 page

Use this letter to "hire" the volunteers that have indicated their desire to work on your project.

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Job Acceptance Letter Template Letters

Sample "Job Acceptance Letter"

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Size: 64 KB
1 page

Use this sample template to thank your future employer for the opportunity to showcase your professional experience and confirm your readiness to work for their company.

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Job Acceptance Letter Template Letters

"Job Acceptance Letter Template"

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Size: 59 KB
1 page

This formal letter is sent to the individual who was selected for employment after a successful interview.

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Job Acceptance Letter Template Letters

Sample "Application Letter for College Admission"

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Size: 66 KB
1 page

Individuals may use this type of letter as a reference when they would like to apply for a college program they are interested in.

"Penn State Acceptance Letter"

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Size: 5 MB
1 page

"Air Force Academy Acceptance Letter"

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"Ucla Acceptance Letter"

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"Coast Guard Academy Acceptance Letter"

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Size: 1 MB
1 page

"Pace University Acceptance Letter"

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Size: 7 MB
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