Job Acceptance Letter Template

Job Acceptance Letter Template

What Is a Job Acceptance Letter?

A Job Acceptance Letter is a formal statement sent to the individual who was selected for employment after their Job Application and Resume was reviewed and an interview was conducted. Once you received enough applications and interviewed multiple candidates, you can determine which person is perfect for the vacancy you offer.

Alternate Names:

  • Job Offer Acceptance Letter;
  • Acceptance Letter for a Job.

It is recommended to put all steps of the hiring process in writing to avoid disagreements in the future, so do not resort to a phone call when offering a job to someone - a formal document that describes the future employment delivered to and signed by the employee will serve as a formal acceptance of the job. This letter will explain what the job entails, answer questions that may have been asked during the job interview or the application process, and set expectations for the prospective employee.


How to Write a Job Acceptance Letter?

Here is how you compose a Letter of Acceptance for a job:

  1. Introduce yourself at the top of the page (the name of the company, the name of the letter writer, and your job title). Salute the recipient of the letter.
  2. Confirm your job offer or say their job application was successful, and you are pleased to welcome them into your company.
  3. List skills and qualifications that impressed you and prompted you to make a positive decision. For instance, you can focus on the degrees and certificates that demonstrate the candidate's education and will be useful for their line of business or highlight years of work experience they have obtained so far.
  4. Indicate the name of the position the employee will have. State the starting date of employment and outline the breakdown of the salary. You can list the main duties the individual will perform, benefits, and perks your business offers, or you may attach internal manuals that cover all necessary information. If you send a letter via e-mail and your company has a website that outlines company guidelines and code of conduct, you can refer the recipient to them with appropriate links.
  5. Request the letter from the recipient to confirm their acceptance of the position.
  6. Sign the document and add your contact details to remain in touch with the future employee. You can also name a day when the individual will be expected at the human resources department to discuss any issues and sign the employment contract. Furthermore, if you send an Acceptance Letter for a job using traditional mail, you can dedicate space at the end of the last page for the candidate's signature - it will certify their willingness to commence work.

Note that a Job Acceptance Letter does not guarantee the signing of the Employment Contract in the upcoming future if the company conducts additional background checks or performs drug screenings that bring disappointing results or uncover information hidden during the hiring process. Still, this document is crucial for employers who acknowledge a commitment to a certain individual and for employees who can be sure there is an organization interested in what they can offer.

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