Job Acceptance Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Job Acceptance Letter?

A Job Acceptance Letter is a written document composed by the job candidate who received confirmation from a specific company notifying them their interview was successful and they are welcome to join the organization as an employee. In most cases, it is a good idea to send the Acceptance Letter to be sure your future employer knows you have accepted the position, agreed to the terms and conditions of employment you have discussed during the interview, or are determined to negotiate certain provisions you are not sure about, and are ready to appear in person to sign all the necessary documents that will allow you to start working for the business in question.

Alternate Names:

  • Job Offer Acceptance Letter;
  • Acceptance Letter for a Job.

Additionally, you will be able to express your gratitude for the choice made by the human resources manager and highlight your enthusiasm for the new step in your career. You can inform the employer of your decision via e-mail or traditional mail depending on your previous way of communication.

Job Acceptance Letter Types

  1. Generic Job Acceptance Letter. Fill out this template to inform the employer you agree to join their company after you go through a successful job interview. Tell your prospective employer what motivated you to pick them out from a range of organizations you were initially interested in and confirm your interest in the position you were offered. Add your contact details in case you still need to discuss when you report to work.
  2. Sample Job Acceptance Letter. Use this sample document as a reference when writing to your future employer about the acceptance of their employment offer. Thank them for the opportunity to showcase your professional experience and confirm your readiness to appear at an employee orientation or training.
  3. Volunteer Acceptance Letter. If you work for a volunteer organization, use this template to notify the volunteer applicant they were chosen for a specific program or mentorship. The chosen individual should be informed about the upcoming training and sent the contact details to discuss further steps.

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Use this letter to "hire" the volunteers that have indicated their desire to work on your project.

Use this sample template to thank your future employer for the opportunity to showcase your professional experience and confirm your readiness to work for their company.

This formal letter is sent to the individual who was selected for employment after a successful interview.

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