Job Rejection Letter Template

Job Rejection Letter Template

What Is a Job Rejection Letter?

A Job Rejection Letter is a written notice prepared by a hiring manager or a human resources representative and sent to a job candidate who was not chosen for the position advertised. Whether you have found a better candidate for a particular position or the business as a whole, the vacancy is not relevant anymore, or certain details in the job application did not meet the requirements you have established for the employee, it is recommended to inform the person you have interviewed that they will not be offered the job.

You can download a printable Job Rejection Letter template through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Job Application Rejection Letter;
  • Job Rejection Email;
  • Candidate Rejection Email.

The quicker you send a Job Rejection Letter to an unsuccessful candidate, the sooner they will be able to move on and pursue other job opportunities, so consider providing the individual in question with feedback within a week after you have met in person. A Rejection Letter for a Job is usually brief - indicate the purpose of the statement right away and in no uncertain terms tell the job applicant you will not be moving forward with their application.


How to Write a Rejection Letter for a Job?

When you have found a qualified candidate to fill a role and that person has accepted the employment offer, you will next want to notify all other candidates who were part of the final hiring process that the role has been filled. You can send a Rejection Letter for a job either by mail or email, and it is a good idea to create a Job Rejection Letter template that can be used for multiple positions.

You will want to begin your letter with a salutation and the candidate's name (for example, Greetings Ms. Smith). The body of the letter does not need to go in-depth, but be sure to thank the candidate for their time and that you have offered the position to another candidate based on the needs of the company.

If you found it tough to decide on the final candidate and you still believed the other candidate(s) to be a good cultural fit for your company, encourage them to apply for any future openings that may interest them. This is an excellent opportunity to build a good rapport with a person that could become a future employee while also reducing the time spent interviewing additional candidates for future positions. You may also want to offer the candidate the ability to ask follow-up questions about their interview performance and thank them for their time spent.

Lastly, close your Job Rejection Letter by thanking them once more and sign your name (or use your email signature block).

How to Respond to a Rejection Letter for a Job?

When you receive a Rejection Letter for a job you do have the option to respond to the employer if you felt you were a strong person for the position and would like feedback on ways you could improve your chances for future interviews. Be sure to make your response courteous, thanking them for letting you know of their decision and you enjoyed talking with them about the job opportunity.

You can also ask the people you interviewed with if there was anything they believed should have been stronger in your interview as a potential candidate, which will show that you are serious about working for their organization and are eager to learn how to improve your chances if a future position opens with their company. Then finish the email with a respectable closing and your signature.

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