Sample Thank You Letter After Interview

Sample Thank You Letter After Interview

A Thank You Letter After Interview is a written statement prepared by a job applicant after a job interview and submitted to the hiring manager to show gratitude for the potential employment opportunity and reiterate interest in the position in question. Whether you think your interview went well or not, whether you believe you have a better chance to find another job or this is the only vacancy you are keen on, a letter that expresses gratitude towards the person who interviewed you increases your chances to get the job you want. Many studies confirm that the job candidate is more likely to receive a call for another interview or to get hired right away if they compose a short note afterwards. Write a letter to show respect to the hiring manager and demonstrate your willingness and desire to work for their business.

Alternate Names:

  • After Interview Thank You Letter;
  • Thank You Letter After Job Interview.

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How to Write a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

A personalized message you send to the human resources department after the interview is the best way to reinforce your genuine enthusiasm for the organization and the particular job you have filed an application for. Follow these steps to prepare a Thank You Letter After an Interview:

  1. Be concise. There is no need to reintroduce yourself all over again or list all the skills you have shared via a job application or discussed with the hiring manager. The goal of the letter is to remind the reader about your candidacy and reaffirm your interest in the position you were interviewed for.
  2. Remain professional and polite. Even if you are not picked as an employee, there is always a chance you have made a good impression and established yourself as a proper candidate which means you might be considered for other positions in the company. Do not let your emotions get the better of you - your tone must be courteous.
  3. Greet the recipient of the letter and indicate your name and the job vacancy you have submitted an application for
  4. Refer to the topics and issues you might have talked about with the hiring manager if you have anything new to add to boost your chances to be chosen as a prospective employee.
  5. Briefly record your qualifications that, in your opinion, have impressed the interviewer most.
  6. Mention the goals of the company, its plans and mission you were introduced to by the manager and describe how you will be able to take the business to the next level and which qualities distinguish you from other candidates. If you know about multiple applicants for one position, you should highlight your characteristics and skills that will make the company stronger.
  7. In case you forgot to mention something crucial while you were interviewed, do it in the letter.
  8. Thank the letter reader for their time and attention. Ask them to contact you in case they are interested in working with you in the future. Add your telephone number and e-mail address so that the human resources department has different ways of reaching you. Sign and date the document.

How to Send a Thank You Letter After an Interview?

The only appropriate option for a Thank You Letter After Job Interview is to compose an e-mail. Send this letter no later than a day after the interview. Do not wait too long - your goal is to leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager's mind. Try to find out the correct e-mail address prior to the interview - if you did not mail the job application directly to the company and cannot find their e-mail address, ask for contact details when the interview is finished.

Add a subject line to let the human resources department see your message right away. Note that you should not resend the letter even if they make you wait for any feedback or definitive answer. In case you do not get a response within two weeks after mailing this document, you may contact the organization by calling them.

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