Thank You Letter to Doctor Template

Thank You Letter to Doctor Template

A Thank You Letter to a Doctor is a written statement composed by a current or former patient and sent to a medical professional to thank the latter for their efforts and consideration.

Alternate Names:

  • Appreciation Thank You Letter to Doctor From Patient;
  • Doctor Thank You Letter.

Whether you spent time in a hospital and are recovering from surgery or you simply want to acknowledge the brilliant work of a physician that has helped you for years, a personal note you give or send to the person that helped you with your treatment can be a nice gesture that raises the mood of the addressee and motivates them to keep doing their job for other people - consider enclosing this letter with a gift if you believe it to be necessary.

You can download a Thank You Letter to Doctor template through the link below.


How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Doctor?

Follow these steps to draft a Doctor Thank You Letter:

  1. Greet the recipient by their name and introduce yourself - it is crucial since the doctor in question may have had dozens of patients, so a gentle reminder will not hurt. Refer to the illness or injury they have treated in the first paragraph to refresh the memory of the addressee.
  2. Say "thank you" for the support the doctor has given you during your treatment. You may bring up the details of your hospital stay or the words and advice the physician has shared with you to help you heal faster. Demonstrate their impact on your life and the lives of people around you - your family and friends.
  3. If the letter is prepared months after your latest contact with the doctor, provide them with an update on your condition - whether the news is positive or negative. In a couple of sentences, you may describe your experience and tell them if the medication helps or if the new treatment will be required in the nearest future.
  4. No matter when the letter was written, you may confirm your readiness to recommend this particular doctor or the medical facility they work for to others that may need similar treatment. This will tell the recipient you have been really impressed with the work they do - highlight what has pleasantly surprised you about the doctor pointing out the benefits of being treated by them.
  5. Reiterate your gratitude and sign the letter. You may send it via e-mail if this is your preferred way of communicating with the physician or their secretary or draft the letter when you are discharged from the hospital if you do not want to delay the warm words and wishes for the medical professional.

Sample Thank You Letter to a Doctor

Dr. Aaron Kellerman

Southwestern Medical Center

3860 Gaston Blvd

Dallas, TX, 87524

Dear Dr. Kellerman,

My name is Susan Dawson - hopefully, you remember me: two months ago, I spent a week at your clinic recovering after a leg bypass surgery. I am writing this letter to thank you for the treatment and the attention you have given me during my stay - without your constant supervision and encouragement, it would be very hard for me to deal with this condition and its consequences.

I would love to update you on my recovery process - after I was discharged, I went to my local physician for regular check-ups. I have been feeling better and stronger with every passing week, and I can attribute it to the care you have shown me while I was monitored at the clinic. The need to have surgery and spend weeks barely able to move was a struggle, and it was difficult for me to accept the reality of the situation but you and the clinic staff made me feel secure and unafraid. The medication you have prescribed has helped me as well - I do not suffer from sudden flashes of pain I used to have before and right after the surgery.

If I ever need any kind of treatment again, you can be sure I will book an appointment with you or other professionals in your facility. I will never forget the dedication you have demonstrated, your kind words, and your excellent work that allows me to walk again. I was able to go back to work and I am thinking about participating in local sporting events to maintain good shape! Once again, I am endlessly grateful to you.

Kind regards,

Susan Dawson

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