Thank You Letter to Client Template

Thank You Letter to Client Template

A Thank You Letter to Client is a document that can be used when a business would like to show gratitude to their clients. The purpose of the document is to let your clients know that they are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Generally, this type of letter is applicable for situations when a business that provides certain services would like to say thank you to their clients. A Thank You Letter to Client template can be downloaded below.

This type of letter is a valuable tool that can help you to develop a better connection with your clients, letting them know that you will appreciate an opportunity to work with them again.


How to Write a Thank You Letter to a Client?

A business Thank You Letter to a Client can include the following parts:

  1. The Addressee. You can use the first part of your letter to indicate the receiver of your letter. Generally, this information includes the name and the address of your client.
  2. The Sender. In the second part of your letter, you must state your name and your address, it will help the recipient of the letter to identify you.
  3. Introduction. Here, you can explain to your client the reasons for writing this letter. Usually, senders greet their clients and say that they wanted to let them know how they are appreciated.
  4. Client Details. Use this section to go into details about why you enjoy working with this client. When it comes to showing gratitude to your clients, you should try being as specific and personalized as you can. The client would like to know what exactly you are thanking them for, which is why you might want to use examples or refer to specific projects that you have worked on.
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the document, you can once again thank your client for doing business with you and express your hope to see them again.

After you have completed your letter, you can print it out on your business's official blank and sign it. Before sending it you can look it through and make sure it is easy to read and does not have any typos.

Sample Thank You Letter to Client

From: Martin Smith

2314 Main Street,

Phoenix, Arizona 80110

April 21, 2018

To: Jacob Prescot

7384 Short Line

Phoenix, Arizona 80110

Dear Jacob,

Allow me to thank you for the opportunity to work with you on the development of your website. We are delighted to be involved in the development of such a high-quality product! Please let me elaborate on how much it means to us.

It has been a pleasure to work with you on what I am sure will be a great asset for your business. We have already received some of the positive feedback regarding the website, and look forward to its ongoing success.

I hope you enjoyed working with us, as much as we enjoyed working with you.

We wish luck and further success to your business, and we thank you for trusting our business!

Best regards,

Martin Smith,

Founder and CEO, Smith IT Solutions

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