Thank You Letter From Santa Template

Thank You Letter From Santa Template

If you want to surprise your children on Christmas Day, you can write a Thank You Letter From Santa to find with their presents. This letter is a fun way to celebrate the holiday if they left out treats for Santa and his reindeer the night before. You will want to handwrite this letter and make sure your children cannot recognize the handwriting as your own. If you have holiday-themed stationery, this is a great time to use it, along with a pen in red or green ink.

Alternate Name:

  • Thank You Letter From Santa Claus.

A Thank You Letter From Santa template can be downloaded below.

To write a Thank You Letter From Santa Claus, include the following:

  1. Opening salutations with your child(ren)'s name(s).
  2. Begin the letter by thanking your child(ren) for leaving out the milk and cookies, carrots, or whatever treats your family usually likes to leave for Santa.
    • Write the letter pretending you are Santa himself, keeping the tone consistent.
  3. You can include a message that their treats helped keep your energy up as you traveled to everyone's house and that you were very grateful.
    • To add to the magic you can write that you saw they went to bed early and made sure to brush their teeth.
  4. Close by telling them you hope they enjoy their presents and have a wonderful Christmas Day with their family.
  5. Closing salutation.
  6. Santa Claus (be sure to write at least his name in cursive).

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