Sample Donation Acknowledgement Letter

Sample Donation Acknowledgement Letter

A Donation Acknowledgement Letter is a document that can be used when a charitable organization has received a contribution from a donor. The purpose of the document is to provide the donor with a letter that confirms that they have made a charitable donation.

Alternate Names:

  • Charitable Contribution Acknowledgement Letter;
  • Donation Receipt Letter.

Generally, charities should send such kinds of receipts to all of their donors for any kind of donations. With this letter, you can thank the contributor for their donation, therefore, it will help to build a better connection between a charity and a donor. A Donation Acknowledgement Letter sample can be downloaded below.

Additionally, donors can use these letters in their tax returns as proof that they have made a charitable contribution. Therefore, if you received a donation of $250 or more you are required to provide the contributor with an acknowledgment letter by law for tax purposes.

You do not have to send a Donation Acknowledgement Letter for every donation you receive from the same contributor. For convenience, you can send one receipt for multiple donations with designating the amount of each donation (and the date when every donation has been made) in the letter.

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