Donation Receipt Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Donation Receipt Letter?

A Donation Receipt Letter is an informal document that notifies the donor their donation was received and thanks them for the attention to the charity in question. A personalized letter written to the individual or organization that contributed to your charitable cause or auction whether they helped you with money or valuable items will not only confirm you have received their gift but also motivate them to support your charitable efforts in the future. Additionally, it is necessary to print out a receipt when the individual or company that has provided the donation needs it to claim the donation as a tax deduction.

Alternate Name:

  • Receipt of Donation Letter.

To compose a memorable and effective Donation Receipt Letter, you need to greet the donor by their name, verify you have received their donation, state the sum of money you received or describe the item you got from the donor, indicate the date the money was deposited into your account or the date of the item delivery, highlight how much their financial contribution has helped you, outline the upcoming events you plan for your charity such as a charity dinner or fundraiser and invite the recipient to participate, and add your contact information to let them reach out to you in case the donor wants to know more about your charity.

Donation Receipt Letter Types

  1. Donation Receipt Letter. Complete this template the way you like to show you are grateful for the individual's or entity's contribution to your charitable cause and encourage them to keep track of your upcoming events so that they continue to make a difference for other people.
  2. Sample Donation Receipt Letter. You can look at this document as a reference before you draft your own message for the donor - thank them for their generosity and invite them to follow your charity activities and initiatives in the future.
  3. Non-Profit Donation Receipt Letter. This is a specific statement designed for use by non-profit organizations like public charities, schools, churches to confirm the donation has reached its destination and express gratitude for it.

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Send this letter to an individual or entity that has sponsored you with their money or valuable items.

A non-profit organization may prepare and send this letter to a donor to confirm that a donation or a gift was received and to thank the donor or sponsor for their financial support or tangible property they have donated.

This letter notifies an individual that their donation was received and thanks them for their support of the charity in question.

Individuals may use this type of letter as a reference when a charitable organization has received a contribution from a donor and they would like to acknowledge the donation.

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