Solicitation Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Solicitation Letter?

A Solicitation Letter is a letter designed to request funding from the recipient. A Donor Solicitation Letter is most often used by nonprofits, schools, charities, and other organizations that rely heavily on donations from their communities to remain open. Meanwhile, a Business Solicitation Letter can be used to request charitable funds for support, or when submitting a quote for contract work on another organization’s project.

Alternate Name:

  • Solicitations Letter.

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Solicitation Letter Types

  1. Generic Solicitation Letter. This specific template is designed for charitable organizations that need to request donations from individuals and companies - send a message to convince a potential donor to make a contribution to the cause you are passionate about.
  2. Sample Solicitation Letter for Donations. Use this document for reference when appealing to a person or business that may be interested in donating money or valuable items to your organization.

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This is a type of letter that can be used when nonprofit organizations would like to request charitable donations from individuals and businesses.

Fill out this printable template in order to request funding from its recipient.

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