Donor Thank You Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Donor Thank You Letter?

A Donor Thank You Letter is a document charitable organizations and funds send people and companies that have made a donation to their cause in order to show their gratitude and motivate future donations. This simple note is a significant part of donor communication, and every charity should have a Donor Thank You Letter template its representatives can customize and mail to donors. It is a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the contributor and appreciate their participation in your honorable mission.

Alternate Name:

  • Thank You Donor Letter.

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Donor Thank You Letter Types

  1. Generic Donor Thank You Letter. You may fill out this concise template to tell the donor their donation was received and you thank them for it. Write down your charitable cause or project depends on people like the letter reader and confirm this money will go a long way.
  2. Sample Thank You Letter to Scholarship Donor. It is highly recommended to say thank you to the generous benefactor who has helped you with tuition costs or donated a sum of money to cover other education-related expenses. Additionally, a personalized message of this kind will motivate the recipient to help other students in need.
  3. Sample Donor Thank You Letter. Use this document for reference when reaching out to the donor who has supported you financially - tell them the donation will make a positive impact and briefly list other events or causes you may collect money for without directly asking for another donation right away.

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Need to send out a Donor Thank You Letter? Use this template as a reference when drafting your own letter.

An individual may prepare this letter when they have received a scholarship to support their education and send it to their scholarship donor.


This is a letter that organizations send to people and companies that have made a donation to show their gratitude and motivate future donations.

This is a written note of acknowledgment sent by a non-profit organization to thank an individual or company that has donated items of value.

A church representative may use a letter such as this as a reference so they may send it to a person or organization that helped them financially with a monetary contribution or a valuable gift.

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