Donation Request Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Donation Request Letter?

A Donation Request Letter is a document that is used to raise money for a cause or organization. The purpose of the document is to request a contribution from individuals and businesses in order to support projects, events, and cover certain types of expenses. The letter can be sent by various types of nonprofit organizations, including private foundations, and public charitable organizations.

Alternate Names:

  • Request for Donation Letter;
  • Donation Letter Request.

In addition to nonprofit organizations, the letter can be used by schools and religious organizations. For example, a Donation Request Letter for a church can help raise money to conduct different religious services, fund events, cover community support needs, and others. With this letter, the church can request not only money but resources they need as well.

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Donation Request Letter Types

  1. Donation Request Letter. Customize this template the way you like to inform a potential benefactor about your charitable cause or project to obtain funds necessary to continue your efforts - list goals of the upcoming events and auctions, describe how the recipient can contribute with money or valuable items, and thank the reader in advance.
  2. Sample Donation Request Letter. Draft a note to the prospective donor asking them to provide you with the financial support needed for your non-profit organization, charity, or educational institution - explain how the contributions of generous people keep you going and attach a brochure or add a link to your website to let the recipient know more about your work.
  3. Sample Donation Request Letter for Church. You can write this statement if you represent the interests of the religious congregation. Tell the potential donor about your financial issues or needs - for instance, you may have to raise funds for the community event or simply need to support your everyday activities, and invite them to the fundraiser you are about to host.

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A charitable organization may prepare a letter such as this and send it to a potential donor to ask the latter to contribute funds or valuable items for a specific charitable cause, event, or auction.

An individual may prepare this letter on behalf of a church as a written statement to ask a potential donor for financial assistance or support.

Use this letter to request a contribution from an individual or a business in order to support one of your projects or events.


The purpose of this type of document is to notify potential donors that a school needs certain types of supplies and inform them how they can help.

An individual or organization may prepare a template such as this when they plan to travel domestically or abroad to spread their religious doctrine and help out communities in need.

This type of letter can be used as a reference when an individual would like to request a donation for their church.

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