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What Is a Donation Request Letter?

A Donation Request Letter is a document that is used to raise money for a cause or organization. The purpose of the document is to request a contribution from individuals and businesses in order to support projects, events, and cover certain types of expenses. The letter can be sent by various types of nonprofit organizations, including private foundations, public charitable organizations, etc.

In addition to nonprofit organizations, the letter can be used by schools and religious organizations. For example, a donation request letter for a church can help raise money to conduct different religious services, fund events, cover community support needs, and others. With this letter, the church can request not only money but resources they need as well.

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How to Write a Donation Request Letter?

To help a recipient of a donation letter request decide to donate money, the donation requester should provide all of the essential information about the cause of the contribution. Nevertheless, the letter should not be too wordy and overloaded with details. A simple donation request letter should not be longer than a page and can contain parts such as:

  • Introduction. In the first part of the document, individuals should introduce themselves and state the reason for writing. Providing a short summary of the letter will help to attract the attention of the recipient of the letter;
  • Information About the Requesting Organization. Individuals can use this part of the letter to state information about their organization. Here they can provide information about its name, location, main goals, and other things they consider to be important;
  • Project Information. Individuals are supposed to describe the project they are raising money for. They can designate its purpose, why it is important, and what kind of impact it will have on the community and situation in general;
  • Information About Donation. In this part of the document individuals can enter information about how the contribution can be made. For example, they can state that the contribution can be made online, by check that is supposed to be sent to the individual, or by coming to a fundraising event. Individuals can also provide information about the contribution’s desired amount.  If the individual is interested in a noncash contribution (when they request certain types of resources), it should be stated here, as well as how the recipients of the letter can deliver it;
  • Contact Information. In the case of any questions, the individual should state their contact information, which includes their telephone number, email, and postal address (if applicable);
  • Conclusion. Individuals can thank the recipient of the letter for their attention and for their contribution in advance; 
  • Signature. To confirm that the information presented in the letter is true and valid, individuals should sign and date the letter.

Depending on the circumstances of the situation, individuals can add other sections to the contribution letter. The letter can also be sent as an email or as a flyer. Individuals can decide how often they would like to send them, however, it is recommended to send them before the event or at the end of the year, when most people are already in a charitable mood.

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