Donation Receipt Letter Template

Donation Receipt Letter Template

What Is a Donation Receipt Letter?

A Donation Receipt Letter is a document that contains information of a contribution that is given to a charitable organization, school, or any other nonprofit organization that serves the community. The purpose of the letter is to make a record of a donation being made by the donor to a certain type of organization and provide its description.

Alternate Name:

  • Receipt of Donation Letter.

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A Donation Receipt Letter is supposed to express acknowledgment that the contribution was made by the donor. In cases when the donor would like to claim a tax deduction, the document can be used as proof of the donation for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, it is supposed to follow the requirements developed by the IRS that can be found on their official website.


How to Write a Donation Receipt Letter?

Make sure that you include the following information when drafting a Donation Receipt Letter:

  1. Information about the nonprofit organization. In the first part of the document, the sender can indicate the name and location of the nonprofit organization they are authorized to present. They can also include the goals the organization is pursuing, the main directions of their development, and their contact details in case the receiver of the letter will have any questions.
  2. Information about the donor. The sender is supposed to use this part of the letter to designate the identifying information of the donor that has made the contribution. It can consist of the full name of the donor, their postal address, telephone number, and email.
  3. Description of the donation. Here, the sender can depict the contribution the nonprofit organization has received. They can start it by stating whether it is a cash or non-cash donation. If it is a cash donation, then they can designate its amount. If it is a noncash donation, then the sender can indicate what kind of items were donated, their quantity, and their value.
  4. Services provided for the donor. If the nonprofit organization has provided any services or goods in exchange for the contribution, the sender should designate its value in this part of the document. If no services were provided in exchange for the received donation then the sender should make a statement that clears it.
  5. Conclusion. Senders can finish their letter by thanking the donor for their contribution and generosity. They can also offer help in case the donor will have any questions and confirm that they can be reached by using contact details stated at the beginning of the letter.
  6. Signature. After all of the necessary information has been designated, the sender can sign the letter. It will verify that everything stated here is true and correct.

Our customizable Donation Receipt Letter template has a flexible structure and the sender can include other types of information in it. Its content can also change due to different types of donations, different types of nonprofit organizations, the state where the donation was made, etc. Before making the document the sender should check their applicable state laws and make sure they are operating in accordance with them.

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