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This form is used for applying for personalized license plates in North Carolina. You can customize your license plates with your own message or combination of letters and numbers.

This document is used for filing a complaint in the state of Minnesota. It is a formal way to address grievances or issues with a person, organization, or government entity within the state.

This document is a sample of a Statement of Foreign Entity Withdrawal in the state of Colorado. It is used by a foreign entity to officially withdraw from doing business in the state.

This document is used for correcting and removing an assumed entity name in the state of Colorado. It provides a sample of how such a correction can be made.

This document is used for making amendments to Article 56 of the Colorado Cooperatives Act. It provides a sample template for reference.

This document provides instructions on how to transfer certain assets or property in the state of Delaware. It includes step-by-step guidance on the necessary procedures to complete the transfer process.

This document allows individuals or organizations in Arkansas to request the inclusion of special language in the Appropriation Act, which determines how government funds are allocated. The special language can cover specific funding or provisions for certain programs, projects, or initiatives.

This document is for officially incorporating a business or forming an organization in the state of Kansas. It outlines the legal structure and key information about the business or organization.

This Form is used for registering securities in the state of New Mexico. It is a standard application that must be completed in order to comply with state regulations.

This document is a request form to add a Type III Instant Bingo retail establishment location for 501(c)(3) organizations in the state of Ohio. It is used to facilitate the process of adding a bingo location for eligible nonprofit organizations.

This form is used for filing a complaint in the state of Ohio.

This document is used to legally establish a corporation in the state of Oklahoma. It certifies that the corporation has completed the necessary steps and requirements to be recognized as a separate legal entity.

This document is used to request an advisory ruling in the state of Tennessee. It is a formal way to seek guidance or clarification from the relevant authorities on a particular issue or situation.

This document describes the regulations and guidelines for highway-rail public grade crossings in the state of Pennsylvania. It covers topics such as safety requirements, signage, and maintenance.

This document is used for acknowledging the signature of a person in the state of California.

This document outlines the process for transferring sexual assault cases in Illinois. It provides guidelines and procedures for ensuring the safety and well-being of victims as they move through the legal system.

This document is used for reviving an expired or dissolved business entity in the state of Maryland. It outlines the steps and requirements for bringing a business back into active status.

This document is used for reaching an agreement on the resolution of a legal dispute in Massachusetts. It outlines the terms and conditions upon which parties can settle the case and avoid going to trial.

This document provides instructions for applying for a trademark or service mark in the state of Arkansas. It includes information on how to fill out the application and the requirements for submitting the application.

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