Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration Forms

The Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration (DFA) is responsible for overseeing financial operations and administrative functions for the state of Arkansas. Its main role is to manage and administer various tax programs, such as income tax, sales tax, and motor vehicle tax. Additionally, the DFA handles licensing and registration of businesses, motor vehicles, and personal property. They also oversee the collection and distribution of revenue, as well as provide administrative support to other state agencies.




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This document allows individuals or organizations in Arkansas to request the inclusion of special language in the Appropriation Act, which determines how government funds are allocated. The special language can cover specific funding or provisions for certain programs, projects, or initiatives.


This document is used in Arkansas to request changes in the biennial budget. It specifically focuses on restoring currently authorized positions.

This document is a request form for making budget classification transfers in the state of Arkansas. It allows for the movement of funds between different budget categories.

This form is used for certifying income on a biennial basis in the state of Arkansas. It is required to ensure eligibility for certain government programs or benefits.

This document is used for applying for carryover-allocation of federal low-income housing tax credits in Arkansas.

This form is used for submitting estimated tax payments for individuals or businesses in Arkansas. It is specifically for composite returns, which are filed on behalf of nonresident shareholders of pass-through entities.

This form is used for making estimated tax payments as an individual in Arkansas.

This form is used for requesting an extension of time to file your individual tax returns in Arkansas.

This Form is used for claiming tax credits on your Arkansas state taxes. It allows you to reduce the amount of tax you owe or increase your tax refund.

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