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This form is used for reporting and paying motor vehicle usage tax in Kentucky. It is a multipurpose form that can be used for various purposes related to motor vehicle taxation.

This Form is used for registering a homemade vehicle in the state of New York. It provides instructions on how to complete the registration process for a vehicle that was built by an individual rather than by a manufacturer.

This document is a tax worksheet specific to South Dakota for closed lease transactions. It is used to calculate and report taxes related to the lease of a vehicle in South Dakota.

Use this form as a legal document completed by Illinois residents who purchased or acquired by transfer or gift a motor vehicle from a private party in the state of Illinois.

This Form is used for correcting local use tax information on vehicle licensing in Washington state.

This Form is used for amending a private party vehicle tax transaction return in Illinois. It provides instructions on how to make changes to a previously filed Form RUT-50.

This form is used for completing Schedule B International Registration Plan for vehicles registered in Tennessee.

This form is used by United Kingdom vehicle owners to request a V5C Vehicle Logbook that identifies their vehicle if they do not have this certificate for a reason indicated in the application.

This Form is used for applying for the Public Safety First Responder State and Local Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) Exemption in the state of Georgia.

This document is for applying for rental vehicle tax in Wake County, North Carolina. It is used to report and pay taxes related to renting vehicles in the county.

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