Form V62 "Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)" - United Kingdom

What Is a V62 Form?

Form V62, Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C), is a legal document prepared by vehicle owners to request a V5C Vehicle LogbookNot available online. that identifies their vehicle if they do not have this certificate for a reason indicated in the application. When you file this application, you can tax your vehicle as well - when you send the documentation from the Post Office branch, you also pay the necessary amount of tax which will depend on the category of the vehicle and its value.

Alternate Names:

  • V5 Form;
  • V5 Application Form;
  • V5C Form.

This form was released by the United Kingdom Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The latest version of the document became available on September 1, 2019, with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a printable V62 Form through the link below.


What Is V62 Form Used For?

You can complete DVLA Form V62 in the following circumstances:

  1. You have purchased the vehicle recently from another individual or company or from the licensed trader but they did not give you the certificate. Wait for a month for the other party to send you the V5C - only then you may apply for the new document for your vehicle.
  2. The original V5C was stolen from you, you misplaced it, or it cannot be used anymore. In this case, you will have to pay a fee so that a new document can be issued in your name.

Do not use the V62 Form if your vehicle has been recognized as a salvage vehicle - it cannot be driven on the public road, and the DVLA will not mail you a V5C.

How to Fill Out V5C Application Form?

Follow these steps to prepare the V5 Application Form:

  1. Describe the vehicle you own. You need to list its characteristics so that the vehicle is instantly recognized. Indicate the tax class of the vehicle - for instance, you have a petrol car or a light goods vehicle. State the identification number, the number of the chassis, or the frame (whatever is applicable in your situation). If you fail to provide a proper description of the vehicle, the application will be sent back to you.
  2. Write down the personal and contact details of the owner - the title, full name, date of birth, residential address, phone number, and email address. The information must be relevant because the DLVA is likely to reach out to you if they have any issues or concerns with the application. It is allowed to submit the application on behalf of the organization - in this case, you need to record the name of the business and the fleet number the company has been assigned by the DVLA.
  3. If you have obtained a certificate for the vehicle described in the form in the past, check the box to answer "yes." If you did not, write down the date to show the DVLA when you got the vehicle. While it is not required by law, you can add the number of your driving license to the application.
  4. Explain why you do not have a certificate at the moment. There are several options to choose from. For instance, the previous owner of the vehicle or motor trader has not given you the necessary documentation within four weeks from the date of purchase or the certificate is no longer available. You have the opportunity to indicate another reason in the provided space - and do not forget to check the box that reflects your choice.
  5. Confirm you are attaching the fee of £25 by checking the appropriate box. Alternatively, you can claim the exemption from the fee if you are the new owner of the vehicle and you attach the new keeper slip to the application or the insurance company has destroyed the old certificate issued in your name believing the vehicle falls into a salvage category.
  6. Certify the statements in the form are true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You must agree to mail the certificate to the DVLA if you find it in your records or the former owner of the vehicle or the trader sends it to you.
  7. State the current mileage of the vehicle if you wish (there is no legal requirement to do so). Sign and date the document. If you have relocated and you know the DVLA has to update their records, add your previous postcode at the bottom of the application.

Where to Send V62 Form?

Once DVLA Form V62 is ready, you need to mail it to the DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DD. Enclose the fee in the form of a postal order or cheque - it must be payable to the DVLA. The usual processing time for this application is between two and six weeks - expect the DVLA to send you a new certificate within this period of time. If the DVLA decides to contact the former owner of the car or the dealership you have bought the vehicle from, you may have to wait longer.


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