Vehicle Ownership Templates

Welcome to our vehicle ownership documentation page! Whether you need a vehicle ownership document, vehicle ownership form, or any type of vehicle ownership documentation, you've come to the right place.

Owning a vehicle comes with responsibilities, and having the proper vehicle ownership documentation is crucial. It proves your legal ownership of the vehicle and provides important information about the vehicle's history. Without the right vehicle ownership documents, you may face challenges when buying or selling a vehicle, obtaining insurance, or registering your vehicle.

Our extensive collection of vehicle ownership forms includes a Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form - Mississippi, a Form V765 Application to Register a Vehicle Under Its Original Registration Number - United Kingdom, a Form PFBC-T7 Application for Certificate of Title After Default by Owner - Pennsylvania, a Form K-13 Lost or Stolen Dealer or Repairer Plates Notice and Sub-registration - Connecticut, and a Form MV7 Application for Replacement Certificate of Title - Montana, among others.

Whether you need to transfer ownership of a vehicle, register a vehicle, or request a duplicate certificate of title, our vehicle ownership documentation forms can assist you. We understand the importance of accurate and reliable vehicle ownership documents, and our forms are designed to streamline the process and ensure compliance with local regulations.

Don't let the absence of proper vehicle ownership documentation hinder your vehicle-related activities. Browse our selection of vehicle ownership forms today and take the necessary steps to establish and maintain your ownership rights.




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This legal document is also known as the Hawaii Vehicle Bill of Sale Form. Download it if you need to sell or buy a vehicle in the state of Hawaii. The form documents your purchase, serves as legal proof of the deal, and is accepted by any official agency.

This form is used for submitting an affidavit of repossession in New Mexico. It is required when a vehicle has been repossessed and the lender needs to establish legal ownership.

This document allows someone to legally make decisions on behalf of the vehicle owner in New Jersey.

Download this bill of sale in order to inform the DMV that you have sold or transferred ownership of a vehicle. This document shows the agreement of the parties, describes the sold vehicle and protects the seller and the buyer in case any disputes arise after the transaction takes place.

This form is the official state template issued by the Massachusetts Division of Law Enforcement to record a legal sale and purchase of any off-highway vehicle (OHV). It is used to verify and confirm the sale of the vehicle made for off-road use.

This is a Texas legal document you need to complete to inform the authorities you have sold or transferred ownership of a vehicle.

With this form, a filer can apply for a North Dakota Certificate of Title, vehicle registration, utility trailer license, permanent trailer plates, etc.

This Form is used for declaring a partnership or joint ownership in the state of New York. It allows individuals to provide relevant details about their partnership or shared ownership to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This document outlines the rights and protections that consumers have when purchasing a used car in New York City. It ensures that buyers are informed about the car's history, accurate pricing, and any potential defects.

This form is used for affirming vehicle ownership in the state of Alaska.

This document is an application form for requesting a special license plate in Arkansas specifically designed for fraternities or sororities.

This document is used to provide a statement from a trustee in Arkansas for a certificate of title.

This Form is used for declaring the repossession of a property or vehicle in the state of California.

This form is used for requesting a special mailing of a certificate of title in the state of Michigan.

This form is used for affirming registration information in the state of Illinois.

This Form is used for certifying rolling stock items such as aircraft, watercraft, limousines, and rail carrier items in the state of Illinois. It provides instructions for filling out Form RUT-7-A.

This document lists the authorized passenger vehicles in the state of Maryland. It provides information on the models that are approved for use on Maryland roads.

This Form is used for notifying the Montana Department of Justice about the total-loss payoff for an owner-retained salvage vehicle.

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