Free Hawaii Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

What Is a Hawaii Bill of Sale?

A Hawaii Bill of Sale is a document created to record the fact of transfer of any kind of property from one person (the seller) to another (the buyer). This document usually contains essential information about the sold item and the terms of the deal. Even if the bill of sale is not required by law in your situation, you are still recommended to complete it when selling or buying any property in Hawaii in order to have documented evidence of the item transfer.

Usually, all Hawaii Bills of Sale are classified into four main types:

  1. Hawaii Generic Bill of Sale. Generally, this document is used to record the transaction in all cases that do not require a specific form. No government-released documents are available for this purpose;
  2. Hawaii Vehicle Bill of Sale. The main document used to sell or buy a vehicle in Hawaii is Form CS-L(MVR)40, Bill of Sale issued by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Customer Services. Form CS-L(SS)47, Bicycle/Moped Bill of Sale is a related form released by the same department. There are also two county-specific car bills of sale:
  3. Hawaii Boat Bill of Sale. The main document you need to fill out when selling watercraft in Hawaii is the Vessel Notice of Sale issued by the​ Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. This form is considered legal proof of sale used for the transfer of vessel registration. It can also be used as a bill of sale since it contains all information required on this document;
  4. Hawaii Gun Bill of Sale. Sale of a firearm in Hawaii is documented on Form 0417R, Sale/Transfer of Rifle/Shotgun released by the Hawaii County Police Department.

Remember that Form CS-L(MVR)40 and the Vessel Notice of Sale must be signed before notary public only. Without notarization, these documents will not be accepted as legal by any government agency in Hawaii. The Generic Bill of Sale and Form 0417R do not require notarization. However, you may have them notarized if you need some additional verification of your deal.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Hawaii?

A properly filled out and signed Bill of Sale in Hawaii is a useful document. It serves as legal evidence of the sale that can help to avoid legal issues in case of any future fraudulent claims whether you are a seller or a buyer. In many cases, the form is required by law.

  1. Form CS-L(MVR)40, Bill of Sale. This document is required for car registration only in case you bought a vehicle in another state or in a Hawaii county and the seller has not provided you with the certificate of title. In all other cases, it is filled out as additional confirmation of sale;
  2. Vessel Notice of Sale. This document must be filled out and signed in front of a notary public every time you sell or buy a boat. It is required as a proof of ownership during the registration of your watercraft;
  3. Form 0417R, Sale/Transfer of Rifle/Shotgun. You must fill out the form and submit it to the Hawaii Police Department every time you sell your rifle or shotgun.

Even if Hawaii laws do not require you to fill out any bill of sale, you are still recommended to complete one. Not only does it document the deal, it also comes in handy when it is time to complete your tax forms.




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Another name for this document is the Hawaii Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form. Use this form in order to document the transfer of a bicycle or moped from a seller to a buyer. This document has important information used to identify the seller, the buyer, and the sold item.

This legal document is also known as the Hawaii Vehicle Bill of Sale Form. Download it if you need to sell or buy a vehicle in the state of Hawaii. The form documents your purchase, serves as legal proof of the deal, and is accepted by any official agency.

Fill out this legal document if you wish to buy or sell a boat in the State of Hawaii. The form allows you to record important details pertinent to a watercraft transfer. The document is accepted by all government bodies in the state as a proof of sale.

This form is used for requesting a change of status in Hawaii. It is used to inform the authorities about any changes in your personal or professional circumstances that may affect your current status.

This document is used for transferring ownership of a vehicle in the County of Kauai, Hawaii.

This is a legal form used to document evidence of the gun transfer from a seller to a buyer. This document is used for the change of ownership of a firearm.

This Form is used for transferring ownership of a vehicle in Maui County, Hawaii. It serves as a legal document for the sale and purchase of a vehicle and includes important information about the buyer, seller, and the vehicle being sold.

This document is also called the Hawaii Bill of Sale. It is used to record a purchase of personal property or in cases when no specific form is available. This document supports the change of ownership and serves as legal proof of the deal.

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