Form CS-L(SS)47 Bicycle / Moped Bill of Sale - Hawaii

Form CS-L(SS)47 Bicycle / Moped Bill of Sale - Hawaii

What Is Form CS-L(SS)47?

​Form CS-L(SS)47, Bicycle/Moped Bill of Sale is a legal form you use to document the fact of transfer of a bicycle or moped from one party (the seller) to another (the buyer). It contains information necessary to identify the seller, the buyer, and the sold item.

Alternate Name:

  • Hawaii Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form.

The form was released by the City and County of Honolulu Department of Customer Services and the latest version of the document was released on September 1, 2013 . You can download a fillable version of the Hawaii Motorcycle Bill of Sale through the link below.

Form C-L(SS)47 is important evidence of a transaction which is equally important for the seller and the buyer. By signing it, the seller states, that they are the legal owners of the bicycle or moped and have the right to sell it, while the buyers guarantee that they are of legal age. The Bill of Sale is essential to the buyer since it documents their ownership of the purchased item and often serves as a purchase receipt.

The seller also needs to fill out this form as it releases them from any liability for the sold item and its use. The document contains a clause stating that the buyer has examined the bicycle or moped in question and that its description is correct. This will provide a guarantee to the seller against any future claims connected with the sold item condition the buyer may have.


Hawaii Motorcycle Bill of Sale

Form CS-L(SS)47 consists of two parts. The first part must be filled out by the seller and contain the following information:

  1. Purchase amount;
  2. Name of the buyer;
  3. Description of the sold good, including the make, year model, serial number, number of speeds, color, and body type;
  4. Seller's warranty;
  5. The date the Bill of Sale was signed by the seller;
  6. Seller's signature;
  7. Physical address or P.O. Box of the seller.

The buyer should carefully read this part, and examine the item in question to make sure it meets the provided description. After that, the buyer should:

  1. Sign the Bill of Sale. The buyer's signature means that the seller has provided a correct description of the sold bicycle or moped and that the buyer is of legal age (minimum 18 years old);
  2. Provide the printed name of the buyer;
  3. Enter the buyer's physical address or P.O. Box;
  4. Indicate the date the document was signed.

It should be filled out in two copies for each party of the deal to keep one. A seller must remember that after they sign Form CS-L(SS)47 and sell their motorcycle, they have ten days to submit Form CS-L(SS)215, Bicycle/Moped Notice of Transfer. Otherwise, they will be subject to a penalty of up to $100.

Note that the form can be used all over the country to buy or sell only bicycles, mopeds, or motorcycles. If you need to sell a car in Hawaii, you can use one of the following forms:

Do I Need a Notary for a Motorcycle Bill of Sale in Hawaii?

The Hawaii Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form does not require a notary public's certification but no local law prevents you from having an additional certification. If you feel that some issues may arise in the future, you can supplement the document with an additional section containing signature fields for two witnesses and/or a notary public certification.

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Download Form CS-L(SS)47 Bicycle / Moped Bill of Sale - Hawaii

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