Australia Legal Forms and Templates

Australia Legal Forms are used for a variety of legal purposes in Australia. These forms are designed to facilitate and document legal processes, transactions, and interactions within the Australian legal system. They cover a wide range of legal areas, including but not limited to contracts, real estate, employment, family law, wills and estates, business registrations, and government applications. These forms provide a standardized format and structure for individuals and organizations to record and formalize their legal agreements and obligations in accordance with Australian laws.




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This document provides a chart displaying the rainfall data for Queensland, Australia. It shows the amount of rainfall received in different time periods.


This form is used for submitting Medicare claims in Australia. It allows individuals to request reimbursement for eligible medical expenses covered by the Medicare program.

This document is used for submitting a report on a referee for a particular event or activity in Australia. It provides detailed feedback and assessment on the performance of the referee.

This Form is used for assessing the condition of oil-contaminated shorelines in Western Australia, Australia. It helps to evaluate the impact of oil spills on the environment and guide clean-up efforts.

This form is used for managing the checklist of required documents and information for business applications in Australia.

This form is used for certifying the permanent preservative treatment of a product in Australia. It provides documentation of the treatment process to ensure compliance with regulations.

This form is used for creating a legally binding agreement between a landlord and tenant for a rooming house in South Australia, Australia. It outlines the terms and conditions of the rental arrangement, including rent, utilities, and house rules.

This form is used for applying for the Financial Assistance Scheme under the Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program in Queensland, Australia.

This form is used to apply for a permit to acquire a longarm in Victoria, Australia.

This Form is used for assessing the competency of nurses in managing basic eye problems in emergency care. It is specific to New South Wales, Australia.

This document is for parents in Australia. It outlines the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Healthy Kids Check, which is a regular health assessment for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The check is designed to ensure that children are healthy and meeting their developmental milestones.

This form is used for applying for initial PBS authority for the adjuvant treatment of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour in Australia.

This document certifies that an individual or business in Queensland, Australia has met the necessary requirements or standards in a specific area, such as construction, safety, or environmental regulations. It provides proof of compliance with government regulations and may be required to obtain licenses or permits.

This form is used for applying for a Certificate of Occupancy and Use in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia. It is required to ensure that a building or structure meets all necessary safety and regulatory requirements before it can be occupied or used.

This form is used for lodging a caveat in Western Australia, Australia to protect against improper dealings. It allows individuals to prevent any changes to the legal ownership or title of a property without their knowledge or consent.

This document provides information about Australia's Honours Chart, which recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields in Australia. It outlines the different levels of honors and the process for nomination and selection.

This Form is used for reporting accidents and incidents in Australia. It provides a standardized format for documenting details such as date, time, location, descriptions, and witness statements.

This form is used for applying for compliance assessment for plumbing, drainage, and on-site sewerage work in Queensland, Australia.

This form is used for companies in Australia who want to voluntarily deregister their business. It allows them to officially notify the government of their decision and complete the necessary paperwork.

This Form is used for collecting data on intermediated business with APRAs authorized general insurers, Lloyd's underwriters, and unauthorized foreign insurers in Australia.

This document is for individuals in Australia who are filing a report for claiming benefits due to osteoarthritis related to kneeling or squatting activities.

This application form is used for obtaining an occupancy permit in the Northern Territory, Australia.

This form is used for providing a detailed description of a suspect in Queensland, Australia. It helps law enforcement gather information about the person's appearance, clothing, and other identifying features.

This form is used for referring individuals in Queensland, Australia for a drug and alcohol assessment.

This form is used for notifying the Australian government about exceptional cases or interruptions to care in the context of a second worker.

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