Australia Federal Legal Forms and Templates

Australia Federal Legal Forms are standardized documents used in various legal proceedings at the federal level in Australia. These forms are designed to gather and provide specific information required for different legal processes, such as filing a claim, notifying a change in circumstances, seeking exceptional case status, or making an enquiry related to defense service eligibility. They help individuals and organizations to navigate the legal system and ensure that correct and consistent information is provided to the relevant authorities.




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This form is used for submitting Medicare claims in Australia. It allows individuals to request reimbursement for eligible medical expenses covered by the Medicare program.

This document is used for submitting a report on a referee for a particular event or activity in Australia. It provides detailed feedback and assessment on the performance of the referee.

This form is used for managing the checklist of required documents and information for business applications in Australia.

This form is used for certifying the permanent preservative treatment of a product in Australia. It provides documentation of the treatment process to ensure compliance with regulations.

This document is for parents in Australia. It outlines the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Healthy Kids Check, which is a regular health assessment for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The check is designed to ensure that children are healthy and meeting their developmental milestones.

This form is used for applying for initial PBS authority for the adjuvant treatment of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour in Australia.


This document provides information about Australia's Honours Chart, which recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields in Australia. It outlines the different levels of honors and the process for nomination and selection.

This Form is used for reporting accidents and incidents in Australia. It provides a standardized format for documenting details such as date, time, location, descriptions, and witness statements.

This form is used for companies in Australia who want to voluntarily deregister their business. It allows them to officially notify the government of their decision and complete the necessary paperwork.

This Form is used for collecting data on intermediated business with APRAs authorized general insurers, Lloyd's underwriters, and unauthorized foreign insurers in Australia.

This document is for individuals in Australia who are filing a report for claiming benefits due to osteoarthritis related to kneeling or squatting activities.

This form is used for notifying the Australian government about exceptional cases or interruptions to care in the context of a second worker.

This Form is used for determining the eligibility for the Defence Service Homes program in Australia.

This form is used for providing service details for Defence Service Homes in Australia.

This document is a template for the Feedback Form used in the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS) User Guide in Australia. It provides a standardized format for users to provide feedback related to the accreditation scheme.

This form is used for conducting a work health and safety checklist when working from home or from a privately-funded or satellite office in Australia. It helps ensure a safe working environment and compliance with health and safety regulations.

This form is used for applying for an Australian travel document, such as a passport or visa, to travel to Australia.

This document is used to certify the identity and witnessing for the Australian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate in Australia.


This document is a formal statement made under oath or affirmation, used in Australia for a variety of legal purposes such as affirming the truthfulness of certain facts or declarations.

This form is used for individuals in Australia to apply for an Aviation Reference Number (ARN). The ARN is a unique identifier for aviation-related activities in the country.

This form is used for making a statutory declaration as a supporting witness for a partner or prospective marriage visa application in Australia.


This form is used for individuals in Australia to request a change of details.

This form is used by seafarers to apply for an assessment of their overseas qualifications for the purpose of a migration application in Australia.

This form is utilized by immigrants or residents in Australia to update or change their current address and/or passport details. It ensures that the Australian government has the latest details about a resident's location or travel document.

This document provides the Western Australian Immunisation Schedule for residents of Australia. It outlines the recommended vaccinations and their schedules for different age groups.

This form is used for the medical examination required for an Australian visa application. It ensures that the applicant meets the health requirements set by the Australian government.

This document details the vaccination schedule that people in Australia need to follow under the National Immunisation Program. It includes guidelines for the immunisation of individuals of different ages, from infants to adults.

This document outlines a comprehensive, personalized approach to improving mental health, specifically for those living in Australia. It details strategies for treatment, goals to be achieved, and a timeline for progress.

This document offers comprehensive guidelines on proper medication handling and administration in Australia. It serves as a template to maintain records of medication dispensation, ensuring correct medical procedures are adhered to.

This document provides guidelines for conducting self-audits of vaccine storage in Australia, ensuring compliance with storage standards and maintaining vaccine potency.

This form is used for applying for an offshore humanitarian visa in Australia. It allows individuals to seek protection and settle in Australia due to humanitarian reasons.

This document outlines the approach towards managing potential risks in the implementation of the Advancing Renewables Program in Australia. It provides strategies to anticipate, mitigate and manage various risks to ensure the program's success.

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