Free Treatment Plan Templates

What Is a Treatment Plan?

A Treatment Plan is an in-depth list of ways and actions that will help a specific individual combat a mental health issue or maintain proper physical health. This tool is invaluable when it comes to sincere communication between the healthcare professional and the patient - it builds trust between two people, helps them track the progress of the person that struggles physically or mentally, and reminds them both how far they have come and what work must be done in the future.

Map out the objectives the patient wants to reach and figure out how to accomplish those goals together - as an option, this plan can be outlined by a person who strives to improve their life and health on their own by discovering what techniques and methods help them to cope with the problem or eliminate it completely.

For a full list of Treatment Plan templates please check out our library below.

Treatment Plan Template Types

  • Mental Health Treatment Plan Template. Whether you are embarking on the mental health journey by yourself or you are enlisting the support of a licensed professional, there should be instructions you comply with as you are trying to get better. Make promises to yourself and to your therapist and stick to the plan designed for your own good;
  • Therapy Treatment Plan Template. Allow the patient to explore their emotional state and become self-aware about their troubles as well as the potential solutions to the difficulties they face - a plan you come up with can help with self-transformation and healing after serious trauma or self-growth and positivity in daily life;
  • Dental Treatment Plan Template. Dentists that work with patients whose dental hygiene leaves room for improvement can benefit from writing down the steps they will follow working together with the person in the chair - treat their teeth to resolve pressing issues like gum diseases and cavities, offer them to adhere to practices that will maintain the health of their teeth, and consider cosmetic dentistry in case the patient wants to improve the appearance of their smile;
  • Counseling Treatment Plan Template. A licensed counselor is expected to talk to their patient and propose solutions appropriate to the situation at hand - unlike traditional therapy, counseling is designed to concentrate on a specific matter through helpful advice, and creating a detailed plan is needed when you discuss the interventions that will allow the patient to make substantial progress;
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Plan Template. One of the hardest battles a person can face is an addiction that ruins their life and the life of people they care about - help the patient to admit they have a problem, ask them about the goals they want to achieve with the upcoming treatment, and indicate the timeline as the person is moving towards recovery.

How to Write a Treatment Plan?

Here are several tips you should apply when designing a Treatment Plan independently or with a professional whose job it is to assist you:

  1. Make sure the work starts with admitting the problem - you can ask for help or improve your life on your own, as long as you can define what is wrong with your life, think what should be done to become healthier inside and outside, and be ready to follow through with your verbal and written intentions.
  2. List the goals you want to reach - and remember to be reasonable. Those objectives should relate to a schedule you make - a sense of urgency will motivate you to fulfill your obligations, no matter how small they seem. For instance, a person suffering from tooth decay can envision a future where they no longer feel pain in their mouth - they can make a promise to themselves that in three months the Treatment Plan they follow will help them get rid of the issue.
  3. Be precise with the strategies and techniques you will use to accomplish your objectives. While they can be modified on your way to recovery, it is essential to know what can be done immediately to boost your physical or mental health and what long-term habits you need to adopt in order to care for your own well-being even after you stop going to therapy on a regular basis.

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This document is a template that healthcare professionals use to create a treatment plan for their patients. It helps outline the goals, interventions, and timeline for the patient's treatment.

This Form is used for conducting an initial evaluation of a person's mental health and identifying any potential psychiatric conditions or symptoms. It helps gather important information about the individual's background, history, and current mental health status.

This document is a chart used for monitoring antipsychotic medication. It helps track the effectiveness and side effects of the medication for mental health conditions.

This form is used for gathering information from individuals seeking hypnosis therapy. It helps the practitioner understand the client's needs, goals, and any relevant medical or psychological history.

This document is a template for a Behavioral Activation Chart, which is a tool used to track and analyze daily activities and behaviors in order to improve mental health and well-being.

This document is used for assessing the condition and needs of a patient. It helps healthcare professionals gather information about the patient's medical history, symptoms, and current health status.

This Form is used for gathering information about a client's background and current concerns before starting psychotherapy sessions.

This document is used for creating a treatment plan for patients in New Jersey, as outlined by their attending healthcare provider. It helps ensure that patients receive the necessary care and treatment.

This Form is used for assessing therapeutic mobility in individuals receiving Mig/Mva treatment.

This document is used by physicians to provide specific instructions for patient care and treatment. It includes details such as medication orders, laboratory tests, diagnostic studies, and other directives to ensure proper healthcare management.


This form is used for gathering information about patients who have suffered a knee injury. It includes details about the injury, medical history, and contact information.

This form is used for evaluating patients at an Occupational Therapy Clinic. Health180 is likely the name of the clinic.

This Form is used for intake purposes at Journey Counseling in Waco.

This form is used for collecting important information about patients before their acupuncture treatment at Metrotown Acupuncture clinic.

This form is used for gathering important information about a patient's mental health history and current symptoms during their initial psychiatric intake appointment. It helps the Pllc (Professional Limited Liability Company) gather relevant information to assess and diagnose the patient's condition.

This document is a pain management agreement template provided by Pacific Pain Physicians. It outlines the terms and conditions for managing and treating pain patients.

This document is used for collecting information and details from individuals seeking counseling services. It helps the counselor gather important background information about the client's personal, medical, and mental health history.

This form is used for creating an individualized treatment plan for mental health and substance abuse in the state of Florida.

This form is used for reviewing and updating an individualized treatment plan for mental health and substance abuse in the state of Florida.

This document is used in Illinois for declaring the mental health treatment preferences or instructions of an individual.

This document is for reviewing the treatment plan of class members in the state of Maine.

This type of document is a sample treatment plan specifically for North Carolina. It outlines a structured plan for healthcare providers to address the needs of patients and guide their treatment and recovery.

This Form is used for creating a care plan for children with special health needs in New Jersey. It helps to ensure that children with special needs receive appropriate and individualized care.

This form is used for creating a plan of care in the state of New Jersey. It outlines the specific care needs and services required for an individual.

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