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This form is used in cases when a service member is separated from the duty for being medically unfit, but not retired. Use it to apply for a disability rating review.

This document is used to declare that an individual is not currently serving in the military. It is often required for various legal or administrative purposes.


This document provides demographic and military service information for individuals associated with the MIRECC (Mental Illness, Research, Education, and Clinical Center) in VISN (Veterans Integrated Service Network) 19.

This form is used for providing information about child care providers for services related to VA benefits.

This document explains the Veterans' Preference in Public Employment policy in Douglas County, Oregon. Veterans are given preference when applying for public job opportunities in the county.

This form is used for veterans who are seeking employment in Yamhill County, Oregon. It grants preference to veterans in the hiring process for certain job positions.

This Form is used for transferring credentials for individuals in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It helps in ensuring that necessary credentials are transferred accurately and efficiently.

This document is used for applying for medical benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It requires information about the veteran's medical history and diagnoses.

This form is used for submitting a career development application for veterans.

This type of document, known as VA Form FL10-341a, is used for conducting an appraisal of an applicant by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This form is used to apply for a job in the associated healthcare occupations within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its sub-agencies.

Service members' dependents (spouses and children) should complete this application to apply for the transfer of entitlement of educational benefits based on the service member's military service.

This form is used to supplement the veteran's records by documenting discussions between the VA employees and their claimants or representatives. VA Form 21-0820 (Report of General Information) is the old version of this document.

This is an official form used by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) in order to select a claimant's representative and have their contact information on file.

This document is used for filing a complaint of employment discrimination with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Download this form if you are applying for a veteran's burial and funeral allowance up to $2000, in case the veteran's death was service-related.

This is a document used to report a complete account of the beneficiary's estate for the period stated by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

This document is used for reporting special training activities to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

This form is used for requesting an honor guard detail for a specific event or ceremony. The form includes information about the event, location, and any special requests. It helps to ensure that the honor guard is properly prepared and scheduled for the event.

This form is used by the service members on active duty to file a pre-discharge claim for the VA benefits in advance.

This document is used for applying for interment at a veterans cemetery in Washington.

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