Fill and Sign Arkansas Legal Forms

Arkansas Legal Forms cover different purposes for residents of the state in various fields of their activity. Free Arkansas legal forms are released by different departments of the state, representing government authorities operating there. These forms are designed for effective interaction between individuals or entities and these departments. Individuals use these forms to apply for different benefits, to pay taxes, and register or transfer their vehicles. Organizations can also use them for reporting on business activities. Additionally, an applicant may need Arkansas legal service forms, designed to apply for family law legal services.

For a full list of free Arkansas Legal Forms, please check out our library below.

Arkansas State Departments

  1. Agriculture Department
  2. Department of Aeronautics 
  3. Department of Career Education 
  4. Department of Community Correction 
  5. Department of Correction 
  6. Department of Education 
  7. Department of Emergency Management 
  8. Department of Environmental Quality 
  9. Department of Finance & Administration 
  10. Department of Health 
  11. Department of Higher Education 
  12. Department of Human Services 
  13. Department of Information Systems 
  14. Department of Labor 
  15. Department of Labor Division of Workforce Services 
  16. Department of Parks and Tourism 
  17. Department of Rural Services 
  18. Department of Transformation and Shared Services 
  19. Department of Transportation 
  20. Department of Veterans Affairs 
  21. Department of Workforce Services 
  22. Assessment Coordination Department
  23. Insurance Department
  24. Securities Department 
  25. State Bank Department
  26. Department of Arkansas Heritage 

Arkansas State Courts

  1. Judiciary (all forms)
  2. Circuit Courts 
  3. Court of Appeals 
  4. Supreme Court 

Arkansas State Agencies and Commissions 

  1. Contractors Licensing Board
  2. Development Finance Authority 
  3. Secretary of State 
  4. State Auditor 
  5. State Medical Board 
  6. State Police
  7. Teacher Retirement System 
  8. Towing and Recovery Board 
  9. Veterinary Medical Examining Board 

Arkansas Legal Forms by County

  1. City of Maumelle Department of Human Resources

There are several examples of Arkansas legal forms:

  • Forms developed for performing business in the state of Arkansas. An entity should complete an application to apply for the reservation of an entity name. A company may also need a project cost estimate worksheet describing improvements necessary for a specific project and its estimated cost;
  • Forms developed for taxpayers. For example, taxpayers must fill in templates to submit taxable interest, taxable dividends, and income not subject to Arkansas tax. Taxpayers should also use a specific form to request a time extension for filing income tax returns;
  • Forms used for vehicle transactions. These forms are necessary to register the sale or transfer of a vehicle from a seller to a buyer. You have to use them to apply for vehicle registration and obtain a vehicle title, and disclose the correct odometer reading at the moment of the ownership transfer;
  • Forms created for employees' needs. These documents are used to request the training approval that may help an employee to reach their occupational goals. There are also forms created for the verification of training enrollment and worker attendance. An employee should also complete a specific template to apply for a withholding exemption for withholding on all types of income, and a form to report their business expenses and reimbursements.

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This type of form is used in Arkansas and gives legal permission for a person to collect a property that they have rightfully inherited after the owner has passed.

Fill in this form if you are a resident of the state of Arkansas and would like to apply for vehicle registration.

This document is a record of a sold vehicle in the state of Arkansas. It shows important information about the sale of the vehicle and the parties of the deal. Use this form during the transfer of ownership of your vehicle and as proof of purchase.


This Arkansas Vehicle Bill of Sale is an agreement between the seller and the buyer that records the sale or transfer of a vehicle (used motor vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers) from one party to the other.

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