Transfer Ownership Templates

Are you looking to transfer ownership of a vehicle, a property, or even a business? Look no further than our comprehensive collection of ownership transfer documents. These documents, also known as transfer ownership forms, ownership transfer documents, or even ownership transfers, are vital when it comes to legally transferring ownership from one party to another.

Whether you reside in Barton County, Kansas, or anywhere else in the United States, our Vehicle Bill of Sale document can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer of vehicle ownership. For those in Kentucky, our Form TC99-205 Advertising Device Ownership Transfer form is just what you need to transfer ownership of an advertising device. If you're in Oregon and need to transfer property ownership, our Bargain and Sale Deed form will guide you through the process.

But it's not just vehicles and properties that require ownership transfers. Even businesses, such as private career schools, may need to undergo a change in ownership. Our Private Career School Change in Ownership Application form, specifically designed for New Jersey, will assist you in navigating the intricacies of transferring ownership of a private career school. And if you happen to be in Hawaii and need to transfer ownership of a vessel, our Attachment D Vessel Transfer or Change form is here to help.

With our vast collection of ownership transfer documents, you can have peace of mind knowing that your ownership transfer is done accurately and in compliance with the relevant regulations. So whether you're a buyer or a seller, make sure to explore our wide range of transfer ownership forms to ensure a smooth and legal transfer of ownership.




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Use this form to document the details of a motor vehicle. These details include the vehicle's odometer mileage, title, and other important information required to sell a vehicle in Georgia. This document can be used as proof of sale, as it is a legal agreement between the buyer and the seller.

This document is a template for a Corporate Cross Purchase Agreement, which is used when two or more shareholders of a company agree to buy each other's shares in the event of certain triggering events. It outlines the terms and conditions of the buyout arrangement.

This Form is used for designating beneficiaries for the transfer of assets upon the death of the owner. It allows for the transfer of property without the need for probate.

This Form is used for declaring a partnership or joint ownership in the state of New York. It allows individuals to provide relevant details about their partnership or shared ownership to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

This Form is used for registering a homemade vehicle in the state of New York. It provides instructions on how to complete the registration process for a vehicle that was built by an individual rather than by a manufacturer.

This Form is used for transferring ownership of a property or asset in Alaska.

This Form is used for notifying the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) about the transfer of ownership for an on-site wastewater treatment facility in Arizona.

This document is a checklist for companies undergoing a change in ownership in the state of California. It provides guidance and requirements for the transition process.

This form is used for applying for a Certificate of Approval or notifying a change of ownership through a stock purchase in the state of Florida.

This form is used for obtaining the consent of a lien holder in Maine. The lien holder agrees to the release of the said lien on a vehicle or property.

This form is used for adding or transferring a pilot or aircraft in the state of Mississippi.

This Form is used for notifying the Mississippi regulatory authorities about the intention to change ownership of a business or entity. It is an appendix B document of Form 802E.

This document is used for notifying the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources about a change of ownership or updating water resources information.

This document is used for transferring the rights and obligations of a party's participation agreement to another party. It outlines the terms and conditions of the transfer.

This form is used for transferring ownership of timber or salvage in the province of Alberta, Canada.

This Form is used for providing a statement of ownership for a vehicle in North Dakota.

This Form is used for notifying the Delaware government when ownership of an underground storage tank is transferred. It is a requirement for regulated underground storage tanks.

This document is a Bill of Sale specifically for a boat purchase in Manatee County, Florida. It serves as proof of ownership transfer and outlines important details about the boat transaction.

An Alabama Generic Bill of Sale is a form that proves the transfer of legal ownership of personal property from a seller to a buyer in the State of Alabama.

​An Arizona Generic Bill of Sale is a document you complete every time you are buying or selling personal property in the State of Arizona.

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