Free Kansas Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

What Is a Kansas Bill of Sale?

A Kansas Bill of Sale is used to document the fact of transfer of various property from one party to another. The document usually contains the basic information about the deal itself, the transferred item, and both parties of the deal. All Kansas Bills of Sale can be divided into four main groups:

  1. Kansas Generic Bill of Sale. Kansas does not provide you with any state-released form you can complete to document the sale of personal items. The only government-issued form you can use for this purpose is the Generic Bill of Sale released by the Pottawatomie County.
  2. Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale. The main state-issued forms you have to fill out during your car sale are Form TR-312 and Form TR-39, released by the Kansas Department of Revenue. There are two county-issued documents (Barton County Bill of Sale and Wyandotte County Bill of Sale) that you can use locally.
  3. Kansas Boat Bill of Sale. The official Watercraft Bill of Sale you can use when selling boats within the state was released by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Several counties issued their own forms for this purpose as well. These counties are as follows:
  4. Kansas Firearm Bill of Sale. The state does not offer any government-released forms you can fill out when selling or buying a firearm in Kansas. Customize any basic template with the information necessary for your transfer.

Does Kansas Require a Bill of Sale?

You are not required to use a bill of sale when selling personal items or firearms in Kansas. This document is necessary only to record the transfer of your watercraft or vehicle. At the same time, you are recommended to fill it out every time you sell or buy any valuable item within the state. The document will record the details of the transfer and serve as material evidence of the sale. This evidence may be equally important for both parties of the deal if any disputable questions arise.

Kansas Bill of Sale Requirements

To be valid, the document must contain the following:

  1. Identification information of the seller.
  2. Identification information of the buyer.
  3. Full description of the item or items sold through this document.
  4. Date of sale.
  5. Purchase price.
  6. Signature of the seller.
  7. Signature of the buyer.

This is just the basic required information. You can add any relevant details if needed. You may list the contacts (addresses, phone numbers) of both parties, additional terms of the deal, and other information pertinent to the sale. Generally, a Bill of Sale in Kansas does not require notarization. However, you can have the document notarized if you need extra protection or if your buyer is from the state where notary public certification is required.




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This is an official state form you must complete when selling or buying a boat in the state of Kansas. It contains important information about the seller, the buyer, and the boat you purchase, as well as the details of the transaction.

This document is used to officially transfer ownership of a watercraft in Barton County, Kansas. It ensures that both the buyer and seller have a record of the sale and includes important details about the watercraft, such as the make, model, and hull number.

This document is used for transferring ownership of a vehicle in Wyandotte County, Kansas. It ensures a legal transaction between the buyer and seller.


This Form is used for buying or selling personal property in Pottawatomie County, Kansas. It provides a legal record of the sale transaction.

This document is used for buying or selling watercraft in Butler County, Kansas. It serves as proof of ownership transfer and includes information about the buyer, seller, and the watercraft being sold.

Download this official Kansas Vehicle Bill of Sale form to have a temporary proof of purchase. The form also serves as a permit that allows the operation of a car without an officially issued title or registration.

This is a legal form you fill out in the state of Kansas when transferring a vehicle from a seller to a buyer. The form records the essential information about the sale of the sold vehicle and transfers ownership in the case of antique cars.

Download this form when you sell or buy a firearm, so you may document the fact of gun transfer. This form normally contains information for easy identification of the seller, the buyer, and the sold firearm.

Use this form to document the transfer of furniture, electronics, bicycles, jewelry, and other personal items from a seller to a buyer. Normally, this type of Bill of Sale is filled out when no specific form is available.

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