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What Is a Sales Contract?

A Sales Contract is a legal document signed by the seller and the purchaser to outline the sale and delivery of assets (goods or property). It may be used for the sale of goods, services, or real estate. These contracts also vary in the method of payment. In a spot sale, the payment is made at the time of the transaction, while in a deferred payment sale, the price is fixed when the deal is made, but the payment is postponed over a period of time.

Alternate Names:

  • Sales Agreement;
  • Sale Agreement;
  • Sale of Goods Contract.

You may download one of the free contract templates through the links below or create your own personalized Sales Contract using our online form builder.

This agreement lays out the terms of a transaction for goods or services, identifying the goods sold, listing delivery instructions, the inspection period, warranties, and payment details.

Other sale and purchase forms include the following:

Just like a Service Contract, it specifies the service that must be performed and sets a negotiated standard of completion for the services. A properly drafted contract prevents miscommunications, provides every detail of the agreement, protects both parties in the event of legal disputes, and ensures both counterparts receive what they wanted.

In which Manner Can a Sales Contract Be Formed?

The contract can be legally formed by any method that will show that the parties have reached an agreement. Several tips you will need when working with Sales Contracts:

  1. Negotiate mutually agreeable terms of sale with another party.
  2. Understand the purpose of the agreement and outline every process mentioned in writing.
  3. Gather all background information and ownership documents for the goods that are being sold.
  4. Adapt terms and language as needed for every transaction you are a part of.

How to Write a Sales Agreement?

A simple Sales Contract includes the following clauses:

  1. Date of the agreement and the identification of the parties. Usually, a name and address are enough.
  2. Sale of goods provision. The seller makes certain goods available for sale and the buyer purchases these goods. Describe the products in full detail.
  3. Delivery clause. The seller must deliver the goods to the purchaser at the chosen location with the latter being responsible for shipping costs.
  4. Purchase price and payment method. Choose the date when all the payments must be made and mention a late payment penalty.
  5. Buyer's right of rejection. Upon delivery, the buyer is entitled to inspect the goods and reject them for any reason.
  6. Termination. The contract may be terminated at any time with the purchaser being responsible for payment of all products delivered and accepted prior to the date of termination.
  7. Disclaimer of warranties. Generally, the goods are being sold "as is" - in their current condition.
  8. Signatures of the parties that demonstrate their agreement with the terms and conditions of the contract.

A Sales Contract is essential because it is legally binding for both parties of the deal. Cater your agreement to meet your needs and make sure the other party agrees to fulfill their obligations. Regardless of the type of deal you entered, it is important to have written proof of the transaction that shows the goods and the payment for them have been exchanged. This document also ensures both parties have a clear understanding of their contractual rights and obligations, as well as the steps to take in case of any problems.

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