Vehicle Description Templates

Welcome to our Vehicle Description page, dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information you need when it comes to documenting your vehicle. Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle, registering an abandoned vehicle, or applying for a new ATV or UTV, our collection of documents has got you covered.

One of the primary documents you will come across is the Vehicle Bill of Sale. This document serves as a legal agreement between the buyer and the seller, outlining the details of the transaction such as the vehicle's purchase price, identification numbers, and signatures of both parties. This form is essential in ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership.

If you are selling or buying a motor vehicle in Gunnison County, Colorado, you may also encounter the Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle specific to that region. Similarly, Pitkin County, Colorado, has its own Vehicle Bill of Sale form that requires specific information unique to that area.

In addition to sales documents, you may need to fill out forms such as the CBP Form 339C Vehicle Application. This document allows individuals to import a vehicle into the United States and provides details about the vehicle, its origin, and its customs valuation.

For those dealing with abandoned vehicles in Maine, Form MVT-28 can be used to notify the Secretary of State about the abandonment. This form is crucial in the proper handling and disposal of abandoned vehicles.

Lastly, if you are a resident of Wisconsin and looking to register an ATV or UTV, you will need to complete Form 9400-376 Wisconsin All-terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicle Application. This form covers the necessary information required by the state when registering and obtaining a title for these vehicles.

Our collection of vehicle description documents aims to provide you with the forms you need, whether you are buying or selling, importing, dealing with abandoned vehicles, or registering an ATV or UTV. Don't hesitate to explore our selection and find the right form for your specific needs.




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This type of document is a template for a vehicle bill of sale specific to the Northern Mariana Islands. It is used to legally transfer ownership of a vehicle in this region.

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