Free Colorado Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

What Does a Colorado Bill of Sale Look Like?

A Colorado Bill of Sale is an important part of sale documentation. It contains essential information about the deal, the parties involved, and the sold item.

All Colorado Bills of Sale can be divided into four main types:

  1. Colorado Generic Bill of Sale. There is no government-released form for this document. You can customize any basic template according to your needs and state requirements;
  2. Colorado Vehicle Bill of Sale. Colorado government offers you to use the state-issued Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale. Some counties have region-specific bills of sale, including:
  3. Colorado Boat Bill of Sale. The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Division of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources has issued the official Vessel, OHV, Snowmobile Vehicle Bill of Sale Template you should use when selling your boat;
  4. Colorado Gun Bill of Sale. The state has no government-issued forms you can use to sell or buy a gun in Colorado.

Montezuma County has released a specific Livestock Bill of Sale used by the members of 4-H/FFA Program to document the purchase of the sheep, swine, goat, or beef.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in Colorado?

Except for the official forms listed above, bills of sale are not obligatory in Colorado. However, it is always a good idea to have one, as it is a material proof of the deal. The Bill of Sale in Colorado is a useful record that includes important details of the transaction and will come in handy when it is time to fill out your tax forms. It can protect the seller from the issues in case the buyer does anything illegal with the sold item. The document also serves as a receipt of purchase for the buyer, as well as official evidence of ownership. In case of vehicle or boat purchase, the bill of sale allows the buyer to use the bought item for some time without registration.

Colorado Bill of Sale Requirements

In general, the state of Colorado does not have any specific requirements for the forms. The document is considered valid as long as it contains the basic required information:

  • Identification of the seller;
  • Identification of the buyer;
  • Description of the sold item;
  • Date of sale;
  • Sales price;
  • Signatures of both parties.

The notarization is generally not required. However, some counties may have their own bill of sale requirements (e.g., Chaffee County Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale requires notary public certification to be accepted as a legal document). Check laws and regulations applicable to your county before signing any Bill of Sale in Colorado. 




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Download this official form to fill it out every time you buy or sell a watercraft in the state of Colorado. It is a legally binding agreement that constitutes a proof of payment during the boat transfer.

This is a legal document you need in order to document the transfer of a motor vehicle in Colorado. This form contains documentation of the basic essential details of the deal and is an important part of the sales.

The Colorado Generic Bill of Sale is used to prove you are the owner of a property. This document records the details about the purchase between the two parties of the transaction. Properly completed, it is a legal document accepted by any official agency in the state.


You can use this document to fill out and sign as legal proof a firearms' transfer from the seller to the buyer. It has important information about the sale and is a legally binding contract in the case if you need to substantiate a lawful claim.

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