Free Pennsylvania Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in PA?

A Pennsylvania Bill of Sale is a document used for transferring legal ownership of personal property from a seller to a buyer. The buyer can obtain the title or possession of the property in exchange for monetary compensation or as a gift.

Pennsylvania Bills of Sale are required even if the new owner receives property as a gift or donation, are applicable to personal property only and cannot be used while selling or purchasing real estate. The bill of sale is necessary not only in case both parties agreed on the payment amount but also in the event the property is given to the other party as a gift.

Does a Bill of Sale Need to Be Notarized in Pennsylvania?

There are four main types that are most commonly used within the state:

  1. The Pennsylvania Generic Bill of Sale is a document that proves a legal sale and purchase between the seller and the buyer of personal property. The form should contain necessary information about both parties, the change of ownership, details about the items (description, color, model, year, number, etc.) that are sold or purchased.
  2. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document in the state of Pennsylvania that proves a legal sale or purchase of the motor vehicle in Pennsylvania. This kind of document can be used in the event of ownership transfer of cars and trucks.
  3. The Pennsylvania Boat Bill of Sale is a legal document that proves the fact of sale and purchase of the vessel. The form provides information on the parties of the deal (their names, addresses including city and state, driving license numbers, etc.), the change of ownership and specific details about the boat.
  4. The Pennsylvania Gun Bill of Sale is considered a legal document used as proof of the sale and purchase of the various types of firearms (shotgun, rifle, carbine, etc.). On top of providing valuable information about the change of ownership, it contains information about the parties and identification marks of the gun that is the subject of the deal.

The notaries in Pennsylvania perform acknowledgments, certifications, and verifications for these kinds of documents. All the above-mentioned documents require notarization. On top of that, registration is required for the vehicle transaction. Once the notary witnesses the signing of the document, a state seal is stamped onto the document. The notary makes copies of the completed documents and provides the buyers with the original copy.




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Download this Pennsylvania form to record the transfer of various personal property items from one individual to another. The goods transferred through this document may include such items as furniture, animals, jewelry, electronics, and similar items.

Use this vehicle template if you need to record the details of the sale and purchase of a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania. It establishes the fact of a purchase of a vehicle and protects both parties from potential disagreements in the future.

Download this vessel document in order to document the transfer of a vessel from the seller to the purchaser. It is used to prove ownership of the vessel and to release the previous owner from the liability for the watercraft.


Use this Pennsylvania form in order to record the details of a gun transfer from the seller to the buyer. If completed properly, it becomes proof of your purchase accepted by all government agencies in the state.

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