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What Is an Order Form?

An Order Form is a document that a customer can use to request goods or services. The purpose of the document is to inform a seller or a company that provides services about the order that a customer would like to place. For a full list of Order Form templates please check out our library below.

Several types of order forms can be used in different situations, such as:

  • A Work Order Form can be used when a customer wants to request maintenance work for execution. For example, the document can be used if a customer needs help with the installation of wires or repair power supplies;
  • A Customer Order Form (also known as a Purchase Order Form) is a type of order form that is used to order goods from a vendor. The document can be used to purchase any kind of goods, such as office supplies, furniture, food supplies, etc.

Order Forms are supposed to speed up the process of fulfilling the order, as well as make the communication between the parties easier since the document provides all of the essential information that a vendor might need. 

How to Create an Order Form?

Creating the form is an easy-going process since the document has a flexible situation and can be adjusted to different situations. Even though its content will change due to the type of purchase it is used for, the main parts will remain the same. A common Order Form template can consist of parts which include:

  1. Title. The document should start with a title that can help to distinguish the document from others and help the receiver to start working on the order quicker.
  2. Information About the Customer. Customers can use this part of the document to designate information about them for identification purposes. It can contain their full name (or the name of the company they are representing), and their location, which should include their street name, city, state, zip code, and building number.
  3. Customer Contact Information. Here the customer should provide details on how the vendor will be able to contact them in case they have any questions. The details should include the telephone number, email, and the name of the authorized representative that is responsible for the order.
  4. Information About the Vendor. This part of the document should contain the vendor’s information, such as their name, location, and contact information.
  5. Order Information. In this part of the form, the customer is supposed to enter the details of the order they are placing. It should clearly designate the items that are requested, their main features (such as colors, models, sizes, and any other necessary characteristics), quantity, etc. The customer should pay additional attention to the description of the items, if the information will not be clear enough or will not provide required characteristics it might delay the process of order fulfillment, or they might receive an order with wrong items.
  6. Notes. If there are any other details that the customer would like to mention they can do so in the section dedicated to notes.
  7. Date and Signature. In the last part of the document, the customer should sign and date it. The signature will verify that the information presented in the form is true and valid.



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