Purchase Order Form Template

Purchase Order Form Template

What Is a Purchase Order Form?

A Purchase Order Form is a written document filled out to describe the goods or services being sold. Whether you work for a large corporation that enters into agreements with companies that order products worth thousands of dollars or you represent a small business and wish to keep all your documentation well-structured, you should offer a separate form to a purchaser every time they order your goods or request you to render services to prevent duplicate orders, be prepared for financial audits, file correct tax returns, and guarantee clear communication with the purchaser.

Alternate Names:

  • PO Form;
  • Purchase Order.

Once the buyer ordered goods or services from you via a phone call or online, send them a Purchase Order form to clarify all the details of the purchase and keep track of the financial side of the deal. You can find a Purchase Order Form template through the link below.


How to Make a Purchase Order Form?

Here is how you need to prepare a Purchase Order:

  1. Write down the title of the document - Purchase Order Form - on top of the page. Indicate the particulars of the order - its number and the week you will ship it to the customer. Whether you have worked with the purchaser before or this is the first order they have made, assign them with a number and include it in the form.
  2. Enter the main details of the business - its name, slogan, and contact information. You may also insert the company logo and slogan especially if you create a blanket Purchase Order Form you will later use for other orders and want to reinforce the brand identity of your organization.
  3. Draft a small table to include the specifics of the order - record the name of the salesperson responsible for the purchase and the date the order must be paid for.
  4. Leave blank space or draw several empty lines at the bottom of the page for notes and remarks - you can add information you discover while fulfilling the order, analyze it during the staff meeting to improve the sales performance, or facilitate recordkeeping.
  5. Ask the buyer to fill out the following sections of the form:
    • Name and contact details of the purchaser and the department this document will be addressed to;
    • Method of shipping the customer prefers and the delivery date they want to request;
    • Payment terms - the buyer can send you a check or money order, pay in cash or via online banking;
    • Items the other party wants to buy or the services they want you to provide. The purchaser will specify their quantity and you will briefly describe them, indicate the price of one unit, and the total price. Once this figure is known, add all the items to find out the total amount of money the purchaser will have to pay and calculate the sales tax separately;
    • Signature and the title of the buyer's representative entrusted with making the Purchase Order.

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