Pay or Vacate Notice Template

Pay or Vacate Notice Template

What Is a Pay or Vacate Notice?

A Notice to Pay or Vacate is a document that landlords can use to inform their tenants when they fail to pay their rent. The purpose of the document is to notify the tenant that they are supposed to pay the rent due during the given time, otherwise, they must vacate the apartment they are renting. A printable Notice to Pay or Quit template can be downloaded through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Notice to Pay or Quit;
  • Notice to Vacate Due to Late Rent.

Usually, a Notice to Pay or Vacate gives the tenant a specific amount of time during which they are supposed to collect the past due amount that they owe. If the landlord is planning on serving the document to their tenant they should start with checking the state's applicable law in case there are any specific requirements to the serving process or to the content of the document. For example, Connecticut residents are supposed to use a 3-day Notice to Pay or Quit, while in Indiana the tenants have no less than ten days to pay or move out.


How to Write a Notice to Pay or Quit?

Make sure that your notice includes the following parts:

  1. Title. The notice should start with a descriptive title that will state the nature of the document. It can be a "Notice to Pay or Vacate" or a "Pay or Quit Notice," that equally puts emphasis on the need to pay the late rent or move out.
  2. Information About the Parties. State your full name and postal address, and the full name and postal address of the tenant you are addressing.
  3. Date. The document should include the date when it was written which will verify that the content of the letter is current and up to date.
  4. Notification Details. Describe the situation in this section of the notice. It can be done by designating information about the Rental Agreement that is signed between you and the tenant, the date when the rent was supposed to be paid, the time period during which the tenant is supposed to pay the due amount, and the consequences that will come into effect otherwise.
  5. Contact Information. In case the tenant has any questions regarding the situation or there is a problem, you should provide your contact details.
  6. Signature. Signing the notice will verify the content of the document, as well as validate your intention to apply consequences and evict the tenant for not paying the rent.

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