Late Rent Notice Template

Late Rent Notice Template

What Is a Late Rent Notice?

When a tenant is overdue or has forgotten to send in their rental payment on time, it is essential record-keeping for a property manager or landlord to send a Late Rent Notice to the tenant. A printable Late Rent Notice template can be downloaded through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Late Rent Payment Notice;
  • Late Rent Notice Letter.

By sending a tenant a Late Notice for Rent you are letting them know they are currently in violation of their lease and can encourage them to send in their late payment sooner to avoid further issues. You can send your notice to the renter's email address, however, you will want to make sure to also send a physical copy through the mail to the tenant's address to ensure that you as the landlord made a good-faith effort to notify the renter of their late payment.


How to Write a Late Rent Notice?

You will want to include the following information in your Late Rent Notice:

  1. The property owner's logo and contact information as the header (if applicable).
  2. The date the letter is sent.
  3. A notice including the property's address and unit number.
  4. An opening salutation with the first and last names of all of the tenants on the lease.
  5. An introductory statement with the date the rent was due (such as the first of the month) and that as of this writing your offices have not received a rental payment from the renter. Include the balance due for the rent. If there are any late fees, remind the renter that these will be applied after the grace period has expired (if applicable) and they will be expected to pay the full amount of rent plus the additional penalties. If the lease allows for partial payment (in the case where a tenant is unable at the moment to pay the full amount of rent) and encourages them to talk with you or the property office staff to find a payment plan that will work for them.
  6. Copy the acceptable forms of payment from the original Rental Agreement and where they can submit their payment (by mail, with a property manager, or online).
  7. Remind the tenant of the consequences of missing a payment or continuing to fail to pay (such as additional fees or facing the threat of eviction). If this is not the first time you are sending the tenant a late rent notice letter you will want to make clear of this fact, even if it has been several months since the last time they have missed a rent payment. This again will serve as record-keeping should future legal action need to be taken.
  8. Close the letter by stating if they have any questions or concerns about why they are receiving this notice, restate the contact person(s) and email or phone numbers they can use to respond to this notice.
  9. Closing salutation.
  10. Signature of the landlord or property manager.

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Download Late Rent Notice Template

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  • Late Rent Notice Template


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  • Late Rent Notice Template
  • Late Rent Notice Template, Page 2
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