Retirement Letter Template

Retirement Letter Template

What Is a Retirement Letter?

A Retirement Letter is a formal notice prepared by the employee and sent to their employer to inform the latter about their plans to leave the job. A letter of this kind will not only serve as the official notice of the upcoming resignation but also gives the company a heads-up required to replace the employee since the search for the appropriate substitution may take a long time. You can download a Retirement Letter template via the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • Retirement Notice Letter;
  • Retirement Resignation Letter.

A Letter of Retirement is usually brief - it does not exceed one page, refers to the Employment Contract signed by the employee in the past, and proposes further communication in case the employer experiences difficulties when looking for a new hire. Greet your boss by name or salute the human resources department manager if you know who will be the one to read your letter, write down your name, tell the recipient this document serves as the notification of your desire to leave the company since you want to retire, indicate the date your retirement becomes effective, and sign the letter. If you have had a positive relationship with your employer, you may also add you have enjoyed your time with the organization and wish them all the best.


How to Write a Retirement Letter?

A Retirement Letter template must be filled in as follows:

  1. Include a header. Enter the date of completion and indicate your manager's or supervisor's name. Specify the company's address and phone number. If you are completing a Retirement Letter to a boss, start this document by contacting that person.
  2. Official notification. Indicate that this letter is your official notification to the company about their intention to retire. Specify the date that will be the last working day. Ask your employer to confirm your retirement date and provide the order of actions you must follow when handing over the business-owned equipment.
  3. Detail your history at the company and describe your achievements. Specify the number of years you have worked in this organization, indicate positions held, and reflect your career development. The writer may review the value they added to this organization over their employment.
  4. Offer thanks and appreciation. Thank your employer for the possibility to take your position. Express gratitude to your co-workers for all the opportunities that you have experienced working with such talented people. Thank your colleagues as well for the support and assistance they gave you during your work. Specify that you have sincerely enjoyed your employment and will miss your colleagues at the retirement.
  5. Write about your future plans. Describe what you plan to do going forward. If you are interested in continuing your relationship with your employer, mention this possibility. You may offer your services as a consultant or a part-time freelance worker.
  6. Offer assistance moving forward. Specify that you are ready to help their company with the transition of their work to another employee. Indicate your ability to help your employer to find an employee to replace you if it is necessary.
  7. Provide your contact information. Mention that your employer may contact you if they need additional information. Specify your plans to visit the company to finalize the details of your retirement, learn about any benefits that extend beyond retirement, and identify any support that you can provide in transitioning your job to another worker. Provide your contact details and indicate your preferred contact method - by phone or by email.
  8. Sign your letter. Sign your Retirement Notice Letter and enter your name.

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