One Week Notice Letter Template

One Week Notice Letter Template

What Is a One Week Notice Letter?

A One Week Notice Letter is a formal statement prepared by the employee who tells their employer they are going to leave their job one week after the delivery of the letter.

Alternate Name:

  • One Week Notice Resignation Letter.

Download a printable One Week Notice Letter template through the link below. You may attach this document to a Resignation Letter in case your company demands two documents as a proper way of notifying them about the decision to quit or simply draft a short note and present it to the appropriate employee who will formalize the termination of your employment contract.


How to Write a One Week Notice resignation Letter?

Writing the notice is a straightforward process that should not take a lot of time. Anu One Week Notice Letter should contain the following parts:

  1. Information About the Addressee. The letter should be addressing the right person. Before writing it, the sender should check who in the company is in charge of resignation questions. Generally, this is the responsibility of the HR, so the sender should address the notice to them by stating their name and position at the beginning of the letter.
  2. Information About the Employee. Here the sender of the letter can state their name and their work title for identification purposes. In addition to this, the sender can also state their current address and contact details.
  3. Date. The sender should indicate the date when the letter was written and submitted to the addressee. Formal notices require senders to always put a date on them.
  4. Announcement. Senders can use this part of the letter to notify the addressee that they have decided to leave. They should also state the last day of work and designate the reasons for leaving. Since the sender is quitting after giving short notice, they are supposed to provide the reason for their unexpected resignation that will explain why they did not provide the notice earlier.
  5. Transfer of Responsibilities. In this part of the letter, the sender can indicate to who they will transfer their responsibilities and if they are willing to help with training the replacement.
  6. Gratitude and Conclusion. Here the sender can thank their employer for providing them with opportunities to learn, their guidance, and especially their support. They can also wish their employer further success and hope they will have a chance to work together in the future again.
  7. Signature. In order to verify the content of the document, the sender should sign it.

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