Two Weeks Notice Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

A Two Weeks Notice Letter (often spelled as "Two-Week Notice Letter") is a document that an employee can use to inform their employer that they plan to quit their job. The purpose of the letter is to declare the formal intention to resign from work. During the two-week time period, the employer is supposed to prepare all of the documents that are necessary to formalize the resignation process.

Generally, the notice is given to an employer from their employee, however, in some cases, the notice can be given vice versa - by the employer to the employee. In this case, the employee has two weeks to transfer or finish their current projects and find a new job.

Similar to this there is a document called a Resignation Letter which is considered to be a more formal equivalent of a Two-Week Notice. If the employee is leaving their position due to their retirement they can use a document called a Retirement Letter.

Two Weeks Notice Letter Types

  1. Generic Two Weeks Notice Letter. Fill out this generic template to tell your employer you will resign from your position - this will provide the recipient with fourteen days to find a replacement for you and give you enough time to deal with unresolved issues you may have.
  2. Sample Two Weeks Notice Letter. You can utilize this document for reference when customizing your own letter to the human resources department - greet the employee in charge of hiring, express your intention to leave the company in two weeks, and offer to communicate further in order to discuss the possible issue of your last salary and documenting the termination of employment.

Do I Have to Give a Two Weeks Notice?

Two weeks is a standard time period in the U.S. given to the employer to make preparation before the employee has left their position. Nevertheless, the employee should check the company’s termination policy and their employment contract to make sure they do not have an extended period.

The employee should also check their state’s employment laws dedicated to resignation in case there are any other regulations to this process. If the employee is still in doubt they can arrange a meeting with an experienced lawyer who has comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

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A Two-Week Notice Letter is a document that employees use to inform their employer about their plans to quit.

Use this sample template when drafting your own Two Week Notice Letter - a document that you can use to inform your employer about your intention to quit.

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