Board Resignation Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Board Resignation Letter?

A Board Resignation Letter is a document that can be used when an individual (a member of the board) wants to inform the full board of directors and the chairperson about their decision to resign. The purpose of the letter is to give a formal written notice to the appropriate people about the board resignation and provide details concerning this.

Alternate Names:

  • Board of Directors' Resignation Letter;
  • Board Member Resignation Letter.

Generally, a Board of Directors' Resignation Letter is used as part of the professional communication that a member of the board is supposed to use when they plan to leave their position temporarily or permanently. The document can be used to resign from a volunteer board, corporation board, board of directors, and others. For more Board Resignation Letter templates and samples you may check out our library below.

Board Resignation Letter Types

  1. Generic Board Resignation Letter. Fill out this template to indicate your intention to leave the organization. You need to state the date of your resignation unless it happens immediately and explain your reasoning behind this choice - for instance, you may resign to spend more time with your family or you have received a lucrative offer to join some other entity. In case your replacement has already been selected, you can name the successor, congratulate them, and wish them to achieve the success you have enjoyed with the organization.
  2. Sample Board Resignation Letter. You may use this template for reference once you have determined you no longer can fulfill your responsibilities as a board member. Tell the recipients you wish them all the best in the future and remind them of the accomplishments you have had together as a board.

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Use this letter to document your resignation and inform the other board members about your decision to leave the company.

Complete this template to notify the other members of the board about your plans to leave the organization.

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