One Week Notice Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a One Week Notice Letter?

A One Week Notice Letter is a document that an employee can submit when they want to notify their employer about their decision to quit their job. The purpose of the document is to formally notify the employer about the upcoming resignation one week prior to it.

Alternate Name:

  • One Week Notice Resignation Letter.

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Generally, an employee is supposed to give their employer a Two Weeks Notice Letter before leaving their job. However, in some cases, it can be impossible due to different circumstances. In this case, the employee should give their employer a one-week notice letter of resignation. Short notice is better than no notice, and it will help the employer to start the hiring process and cover the employee’s responsibilities why they are looking for a replacement.

One Week Notice Letter Types

  1. Generic One Week Notice Letter. You can fill out this short document to inform your employer about leaving your position seven days before your last workday. Salute the human resources department employee who handles the termination of employment, confirm you are planning to quit, write down the date of your last day of work, list the circumstances that led you to the decision to discontinue employment, and thank the employer for their support and understanding throughout months or years.
  2. Sample One Week Notice Letter. If you believe it would be better to write a letter from scratch, simply refer to this template for reference - make sure you unequivocally state your decision to resign, tell the human resources department about the motivation behind this choice, and wish the business well if you like. In case this is your last job yet you still have to inform the employer in advance, you may use a Retirement Letter instead.

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Complete and submit this letter when you want to notify your employer about the decision to quit your job.

Use this letter to inform your boss about leaving your position a week before your last workday.

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