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What Is a Resignation Letter?

A Letter of Resignation - otherwise known as an Exit Letter - is a notice written by an employee wishing to leave their position. Although an oral announcement may be sufficient in some cases, for the sake of clarity, record, and in the face of possible legal issues, a written statement indicating the intent and reason to terminate one’s employment is advisable.

It is expected that the employee resignation letter is delivered in advance with the last day of work clearly stated. The letter is to be submitted to the appropriate person in charge, such as the worker’s supervisor or superior. A period of notice is normally two weeks, but by the terms of the contract, this period may be longer. However, sometimes a resignation is effective immediately.

Prepare your employee withdrawal letter by downloading one of our templates. You will notice that we offer samples for different situations of employment termination, such as Notice Period Known, Two Weeks’ Notice, Short Notice, or No Notice. Our samples may assist you by providing ideas on what is best to include and what is wise to keep out of your letter.

How to Write a Letter of Resignation?

It is a matter of courtesy, but also a good strategy in terms of your future career to leave a good impression and express gratitude and appreciation upon departure. As a person who spent years at a certain place of work you have a lot to be thankful for: opportunities that are open to you now because your mistakes have been transformed into skills due to the experience you gained; your career acquired shape thanks to the interesting people you met, and your personal qualities strengthened because of difficulties and the support you have been through. Your boss, co-workers, and subordinates may have been a source of inspiration for you, providing encouragement and guidance, or they may have been a challenge that offered you a chance to get stronger by endurance and affirmation of your personal integrity.

Whether your resignation letter is formal or basic, whether your situation is that of retirement or announcement of a new job, by email or in paper, it is a good chance to reflect on the time invested into the company you are leaving and draw lessons for your future circumstances. A template will help you craft a professional and appropriate letter that you can tailor to your situation in order to inform your boss and the colleges of your departure.



Sample "Retirement Letter to Boss"

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An employee may use this letter when they would like to inform their employer about their intentions to soon retire.

"Resignation Letter Template"

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Use this letter to formally inform your employer about your decision to resign.

Sample "Resignation Email Message - Two Weeks' Notice"

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Two Weeks Notice Letter Template Letters

"Confirming Resignation Letter Template"

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"Two Weeks Notice Letter Template"

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"Retirement Letter Template"

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Sample "Two Weeks Notice Letter"

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"One Week Notice Letter Template"

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Sample "One Week Notice Letter"

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One Week Notice Letter Template Letters

"Board Resignation Letter Template"

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Sample "Board Resignation Letter"

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